Is the Caracal C better than the Glock 19?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by jp3975, Sep 19, 2012.

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  2. I'm not ready to call it that just yet. I still give the nod to my G19, but I can't deny, with a good night sight. It just might replace it for some CCW use. The reason being the trigger feels soooooo much crisper and lighter. Since sending about 300 rounds down range between my Caracal C and F I now am probably not going to get a Glock 17 and start carrying the Caracal C more over the G19 in a couple of months.

    Aftermarket support is all that the Caracal lacks, holster wise. It fits all the existing Glock hosters as well.... :supergrin:

  3. I have both; the Caracal has a better trigger and less felt recoil. To me, handling characteristic's are different; the Caracal points up and the Glock is more of a down angle in my hand due to the bore axis.

    At 7 or 10 yards, I shoot a better group with the Caracal. I only have around 500 rounds through it but it's been flawless. If it's as reliable as the Glock over time, then it's a winner at $400.
  4. I can't stand the way that guy writes...

    Any way I am eager to try out a Caracal. If it shoots better then I will switch over. After about 2k rounds through 3 different 9mm Glocks (19,26, then 17) I still shoot high and left. I'm thinking there might be a better polymer option out there for me. I can shoot one ragged hole all day with a 1911 but that is to be expected with the best trigger out there.
  5. DonD

    I haven't shot or seen one but it's very premature to say what I think (I may be wrong) is a relatively new or certainly a relatively uncommon gun can be compared to the Glock which has hundreds of thousands, perhaps a few millions in service throughout the world.

    Try back in a decade and see how it fares. Don
  6. just don't like supporting a Arab country (UAE), rather support a US co. JMO
  7. I can say dry-firing my Glock 19 now feels like an 8lb trigger vs. the Caracals 4.5lbs break. Honestly, it feels even better than my Steyr C9-A1 trigger, except the Steyr's reset is shorter....
  8. RUT


    >>Laying them out “a side by each” (as they say in Woon-sock-ett)<<

    You gotta be from southern New England to appreciate that one. :cool:
  9. Semper Fi!

    Vietnam vet; 68, 69.
  10. no offense sir, but who do you think you are supporting when you fill up with gasoline????
  11. Hate to break it to you but Glock is an Austrian company with an American subsidiary.
  12. Exactly :rofl:
  13. I get this question a lot because I frequently sing the praises of the Caracal C and F :wavey:

    Here's the best way I can describe it......

    I've shot Glocks longer than any other gun, I likely shoot them better than most guns for that very reason.

    I shot the Caracal F (and C when I got it) better than any other gun I had never shot before. It's like a 1911 in that aspect---it makes average shooters good shooters.

    If I had never fired a Glock or Caracal and was handed both for a range session my guess is I would say the Caracal is a superior firearm. They're exceptional guns at the $400 price point and they'd still be great guns at a $700 price point.

    All that said, my HD guns are Glocks. I still shoot them better and have more confidence in them. That may change with more time and more rounds. :dunno:
  14. Cole125

    Silver Member

    The Caracal is probably a nice pistol, but you won't find a "better" polymer pistol than the G19.
  15. GlockPride

    GlockPride Glock 23

    Just having some fun from one glocker to another. :wavey:
  16. Dont say that too loud! Before you know it these guns will sport a familiar logo with two cannons and the text "imported from the UAE", with a $749.99 MSRP.
  17. it is tough to do all usa..I drive electric..american car...can't do it all..just what I can...usa all the way
  18. american workers is the issue..and our $$$ don't go back to fund army's against the what you want..i'm not here to convince you
  19. I won't say $700 dollar good.... But hey $650 is about my CEILING on handguns... I guess I'll never get that Sig or Hk NIB... Lol!
  20. My Caracal C has a better trigger than any Glock I own. Only the Walther PPQ is better. I will be getting the "F" Model one day. If it wasn't for GSSF Matches and availability of parts I might get rid of my Glocks.

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