Is Gaston Glock on the same level as John Browning?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by ticshooter, Feb 7, 2013.

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  2. He did charge them but it was an incredibly low amount. Not even covering his development costs. His brother Val questioned him about the contract for the BAR and John's defense was that if they were a few years younger it would be "them over there in the mud". Speaking of WWI.

    It was more important to get the weapons to the troops than make a profit. He made his money on sporting arms and licensing military patents to our allies.

    If you are ever in Ogden, Utah go to the Browning Museum.

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    Wyoming I may be wrong but I believe it was John C. Garand who never charged the US Govt for the use of his patents.
  4. In 1980 the Austrian Military decides to upgrade their aging Walther P38 and specified 17 criteria for a replacement pistol. Gaston Glock had extensive experience with polymers but little in firearm design or manufacturing. But in three months he managed to design and produce a G17 prototype that later became the 1982 Austrian military/police service pistol and radically change the handgun industry.

    In my book, Mr. Glock is one freaking smart fellow.

    Is he in the prolific design class of John Browning, obviously not.

    I think only a genius can distinguish between transcendent intellectual aptitudes from just ordinary focused intelligence, so I'll respectfully refrain from making a "genius" designation and defer that honor to others.
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    And the bolded part answers the question
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    What next, a thread on whether Superman can beat up Batman?
  7. Superman gave Batman some Kryptonite as he trusted him fully and wanted to make sure that if he ever went crazy someone on Earth could stop him. So yeah Batman could indeed beat up Superman if he used the supplied Kryptonite :supergrin:

    Otherwise Batman is getting smashed to a degree. Of course Batman did take down the Hulk that one time. :wavey:
  8. Was this even a fair comparison?

    I was just making the point that Mr. Glock and his team were restricted by the criteria set by the Austrian military. Working within these parameters he produced a remarkable piece of machinery; especially since this was his first pistol. Beginners luck or what?:wow:
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    Puh-leeze. Glock is a one trick pony.
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    Beginners luck and a very smart man.

    If he was a true designer, the internal design of a glock would have evolved. Designers will never satisfy with one design.

    Gaston and JMB are not in the same classification.

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  11. And a good name for the product. "Glock" sounds aggressive, rhymes with something naughty, etc. Great for marketing. If Gaston's last name were Ferschiggity, well ... I don't know about the rest of you, but I probably wouldn't have spent the last 12 years of my life making occasional visits to

    I guess if his name really was Ferschiggity he'd have used something else for the name of his company, but still ... as names go, Glock is a blessing.
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  12. Not no, but hell no.
  13. Yes. Glock intoduced a new thought process to the mainstream and made it work out of the box....unlike many 1911's.
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    How many wars had the Glocks been deployed to by a major military force?
  15. Probably every one of them since the 1980s, to one degree or another.

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    By which major military force? The British Army just barely issued them right now.
  17. Israel, Brazil, France, Bangladesh, Denmark, Georgia, India, Iraq (post invasion), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Venezuela, Yemen...

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  18. Here is another attempt to make it about the Glock VS the 1911 :upeyes: Is comprehension a lost art?

    The 1911 as manufactured according to Browning's design and issued had a very good reliability record in the US military Until the started wearing out as the Glock will as well.

    and by the way, how is GG's .50 cal machinegun going? His .30 cal or his levergun designs, or his shotguns?

    If you can only see in one dimension stay out of three-dimensional discussions.

  19. My deeeeeepest apologies. I can't afford a 3D monitor.
  20. Yes the whole glock vs 1911 debate is useless. Two guns whose design was over 6 decades apart.

    I would note that John Browning himself stated that his greatest pistol design was the Hi-Power, not the 1911 though.

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