Is Gaston Glock on the same level as John Browning?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by ticshooter, Feb 7, 2013.

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    My 1911's scoff at the idea of even being put in the same safe as my Glock pistols.
    They like the black rifles though, so go figure.

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  2. Hell no!

    There was never anything really new about the Glock design--a lockup designed by JMB and a striker fired ignition system that had been used a bunch of times since 1900. Glock's success was due to superb marketing.

    On the other hand, JMB created his designs from scratch, and they are still in widespread use today.

  3. What is that little lever supposed to prevent, anyway?
  4. I need a punch (or similar tool) to get the FP out, but otherwise I agree.
  5. NEOH212

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    Gaston is a innovative business man but in no way could ever compare to JMB.
  6. On the 1911 ???

    Use the mainspring housing pin.

    BTW you do know, on the original, you are supposed to use the toe of a mag on the grip screws and the bent small tip on the leaf spring can be used as a screwdriver on the mag release assembly.
  7. Very true

    It was certainly very innovative. :)
  8. This thread has legs.....

    I wonder if Trey Parker is on the same level as Walt Disney?
  9. One is a demigod-the other is a humorless Australian business man.
  10. Troll off....

    I sincerely wish I had a tenth of the talent these two had. One repeatedly revolutionized the small arms world and the other climbed to the top of said world with a single design. Any real discussion on the supremacy of either is fraught with impossibility and sprinkled with troll bait. I shall just be happy to shoot one of their designs whilst competing against talented shooters using the other.

    That said.....

    TROLL ON!!!
  11. If Lady Gaga had a hit on the charts right now and the Beatles didn't, would you say that Lady Gaga has contributed as much to the music world as the Beatles?
  12. Rinspeed

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    I would say it's about time this stupid thread had run it's course. :upeyes:
  13. You watch yer mouth! Lady Gaga is a fashion genius!!
  14. And here is a personal Glock Salute to Lady Gaga

  15. Good point
  16. MrGlock21

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    This ^^^^^^ exactly
  17. 21tango

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    Gaston Glock designed a great pistol and inspired a revolution through out the industry. John Browning Developed several weapon systems that may have changed the outcome of World wars 1 and 2 . John was so far ahead of the game that a 100 years latter almost all of his designs are just as relevant today as they were when he designed them. "Not even close" John Browning > Gaston Glock
  18. :rofl::rofl:
  19. Changed the outcome of WW2?? I didn't know the spirit of John Browning did covert design work for the Manhattan Project. I'm always amazed at the things you read on the internet.

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  20. :rofl::rofl:Just when I thought it was impossible to make a Glock any uglier. :faint:
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