Is Gaston Glock on the same level as John Browning?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by ticshooter, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Very interesting but stupid

    [ame=""]Wolfgang and friend: "Very interesting ... but stupid" - YouTube[/ame]#!:rofl:

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  2. He had help with the design for starters.

    I totally disagree with the last sentence.

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  3. GG shouldn't be in the same sentence with JMB. He took some prominent Austrian military brass' ideas, and made them into a great pistol. JMB is the greatest gun designer that has ever, or will ever live. There will never be another JMB because he was the right man, during the right time. Gaston did a great job with others' ideas, but JMB he will never even come close to. I do wish that Gaston in his life would have made many more types of Glock firearms. Like nearly every other manufacturer has done. He just made a great pistol. I wish he would have made at least more versatile pistols, carbines, and rifles to say the least. I think when he finally kicks the bucket if he doesn't live to be 120 like he claims he will, when someone else buys the company they will make a lot more types of guns under the Glock name. I wished Gaston would have especially put his mind more than anything on some type of Glock 5.56 military type carbine. A 1911 Glock would also be very sweet and along with a Glock carbine very lucrative, and perhaps a a carbine that is a game changer. I know he makes 250k a day, but just for himself, my goodness, how awesome would a 5.56 Glock carbine be. Us Glock lovers can only dream of that have ever happening, because that is as close as we will ever get!!
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  4. Honestly, when was the last time you saw a 1911 that was aesthetically on par with a glock?
  5. You can type good with your tongue in your cheek.

  6. Thanks:) It's a gift.
  7. :animlol:

    Yeah, all jokes aside, this thread has been entertaining. :supergrin:

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  8. SC Tiger

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    As others have said, no.

    Glock makes a good firearm but it is not nearly as revolutionary as Browning's work. Even the 1911 by itself was more revolutionary than the Glock, and I don't worship at the church of 1911 like some do. I like the design and plan to purchase one in the future (sold a previous one because it would never run right).

    Glock gets credit for the Glock handgun - it is a good combat weapon and he built the company that designed it, as well as marketed it and made it a success. But Browning's accomplishments far outweight Glock's.
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  9. I give Glock all the credit in the world for being a great business man.
  10. I did mention that he had help in my other post. What I meant about the compairson is that every time a new gun is put on the market, it is compared to a Glock. How good a gun is, ususally is measured by how it compares to a Glock.
  11. I like my Glock, but when I buy a new handgun I don't compare it to the Glock. I think the only thing my 26 has going for it is outstanding reliability. Trigger, thickness, and accuracy aren't anything special.
    There are plenty of reliable and accurate handguns on the market today.
  12. SC Tiger

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    IMO Ruger did what he did to try to stave off a complete ban. Smith bought in as well.

    You have to remember - Ruger and Smith and Wesson are both businesses and one piece of legislation could completely shut them down. Thinking of it from that point of view will change your perspective.
  13. SC Tiger

    SC Tiger EL GATO!

    In fairness, so did JMB. In fact, one of his assistants finished the High-Power.

    I don't know that Browning and Glock should even be compared though. One was a weapons designer, and the other is the owner of a weapon manufacturing company.

    "Browning" branded weapons are made by FN.
  14. I would agree that new polymer service pistols are certainly compared to Glock.
  15. they are not even in the same league! JMB started from scratch with few autoloading designs in existence at his time with no CAD CAM or any thing nothing but a brain and a pencil and some paper. He developed esigns 100 plus years ago that are still running today.
    All glock did was get a bunch of engineers together who borrowed the best features of a number of designs and created the glock. the glock uses browning locking design- glock borrowed it,browning designed it from the ground up figuring out through trial and error how much delay in unlocking ,amount of locking surface etc. was needed.
    gaston glock is a savy businessman,marketer and that is it. As far as the gun design he was nothing more than a project manager coordinator.

  16. Well, the HP was finished long after he died.
  17. tbc


    I do compare new guns to my Glock and also to my HKs, Sigs, M&Ps, FNS, and so on.

    The reason some people compare new guns to Glock because that's all they have.

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  18. The question may very well be: "What did John Browning not invent?" Yes, an oversimplification, but in the world of firearms - not too far off. Cheers.
  20. It is a proven fact that glocks create more hydrostatic shock and causes bad guys to fly back farther than the 1911 due to the polymer absorbing less energy from the round. Ask Ron Burgundy.

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