Is Fordham University's president a Muslim?

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  1. Coulter is just a shallow name-caller. Too bad Wm. Buckley isn't still around to represent conservatives. Coulter isn't worthy to be a university-level speaker - she's just part of the hater crowd.

  2. I think you may have forgotten that she is also one of those icky things called women and she doesn't 'know her place'.:upeyes:
  3. Joseph M. McShane is stupid for writing what he really thinks. . Fordham is no different than 95% of all universities these days, especially the Catholic schools- liberal and socialist. This has been going on from kindergarten through grad schools in the US for 50 years. That is how the progressives have decided to remake the USA, through indoctrination of children, and they are/will probably succeed.
  4. There is no doubt you are 100% correct. I only brought this example to the fore because it very nicely highlights the depth to which a once-great institution has sunk.

    Some of us went to fine schools which encouraged debate and voicing of all opinions.. Fordham was one once. The Jesuits made a hard left turn sometime in the '70s and now that hard core leftism seems sort of 'traditional' like ivy, and lettered sweaters.
  5. Although I understand what this article is talking about and all but I fail to see the connection with the headline here.
    What does any of this have to do with Muslims??????
  6. An excellent question.
  7. Good move.

    Nothing can be learned from a divergent point of view.

  8. Bump.

    Because I'd like an answer (though I'd be surprised if I got one).

    LASTRESORT20 LongTerm-Guy

    ~ "What does any of this have to do with Muslims??????" ~

    Why so serious? Why worry ???????? are you `touchy` about the "subject"

    Asked Socialists Europe why "anything" has to do with muslooooons....

    Maybe the "University's president" *acts like one.....
  10. you dont have to be catholic to go to Notre Dame so does it even matter with fordham?
  11. That's exactly the question we're asking. Welcome aboard.

    Off topic: This is absolutely not meant to be a personal attack or in any way negative so please dont take it as such. But you have a very unorthodox way of writing. Is English your native language?
  12. i don't really care for Coulter.
    but i think McShane was wrong for sending out this email to everyone, but it was the college republicans hear that dis invited her.

    also where does the Muslim come in? this man really looks like a Muslim.

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  13. Oh, I don't know, maybe it was the president's flamboyant use of hate speech without documentation that had me wondering if, somehow, he'd had a 'conversion' - a fundamental transformation.

    Fordham's Guest Speaker guidelines:

    The intolerant petition:
    "It has recently come to light that Fordham plans to host an event featuring Ann Coulter, Republican political commentator, as the guest speaker. Due to the immense bigotry, xenophobia, racism, misogyny, homophobia, and other forms of intolerance that she has displayed in her books, interviews, and otherwise over the course of her career, we believe that a fair percentage of Fordham’s student body and faculty will be uncomfortable with this decision. "
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  14. 1) I have no idea what you mean by 'the presidents flamboyant use of hate-speech without documentation'. Explain.

    2) A fundamental transformation?! From what to what?

    3) The President made no reference to Islam and never used hate-speech against anyone. If you can, prove otherwise.

    4) Explain simply and basically, without attempting to hint at or imply, why McShane pressuring the campus Republican club to drop Coulter suggests he's Muslim.


    Dude. I strongly suspect that you cannot answer any of these points. I think you're flinging crap against a wall and seeing what will stick. I think that, to you: Muslims = bad, Coulter = good. Therefore anyone who doesn't like Coulter is a Muslim!

    Prove me wrong. Show me in a simple and linear way how the President of a Jesuit university not wanting Coulter to speak on his campus somehow implies that he is Muslim.
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  15. DID the question mark somehow escape your myopic gaze?
  16. A few years back, Bing Crosby dressed up like that....was he a priest?

    Actually, we had a kid in the neighborhood scrounging candy on Halloween dressed like that.... was he a priest?

    McShane is a product of the New School Jesuits-- can't hold a candle to those of the traditional Catholic order.
    (Just my opinion, Walt, please do not ask for DNA analysis or anything like that, ok?)

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