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Is anyone coming down for Harley Week?

Discussion in 'Carolina Glockers' started by Magicmanmb, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Anyone coming down to Myrtle Beach for Harley week? See if we can get a meet & shoot set up at one of the indoor ranges. If anyone is coming let me know. You would be responsible for your own ammo and range time. Limited to say 10 or 15. Top 3 would get One year NRA memberships, try to set it up as an annual bike week event. No entry fee. Just putting it out here to guage interest. Possibly swap of unused gear etc.. If any one is interested contact me @

    Magicmanmb at

    Replace the at w@ and no spaces to weed out the spammers
  2. Bumping up
    BTW I'm not affiliated with either of the ranges just thought it would be a good time for a shoot off.
    I'm donating the memberships You don't have to buy ammo at the range or be a member of it.
    You will need eye & hearing protection your own ammo and of course whatever you want to fire.

    The ranges here do not allow reloads Georgia arms ammo, S&B or Wolf for those of you lucky enough to have FN 5.7 no SS192 ammo something to do with the backstops not handling it well. Also no A/P or tracers. If you have a special target you like you can bring your own, otherwise they have the standard FBI targets cheap and range time is per hour. They also have rental guns for those who don't want to carry their own. You will have to have a valid ID and sign a waiver.

  3. So far no interest. I'll try one last time