Involuntary Home Inspections

Discussion in 'Firefighter/EMS Talk' started by fyrediver, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. So I was at a meeting with a large group of social services types and they want to start a new program where firefighters conduct home inspections if they determine there's a child present. Their reasoning was that a Government Service was requested which then opens the door for other "services" to be involved in the home.

    Regardless of the reason for the call they expect us to conduct a home "safety" inspection "for the children." Also, then we'd be expected to provide corrective actions, cribs, etc and to report our findings.

    "They" believe that the only way to reduce childhood fatalities is for government services to be more involved.

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  3. Fire/Ems are called for a service. The moment you go out of what you are summoned for I would be weary. On the civil side you need to look at what "training" you have to "inspect". You will probably be operating out side of your scope. It would be very easy to violate someones 4th amendment with this idea. You will also open yourself up to civil liability.

    Stick to smoke detectors and educate a parent when you find one who actually wants to learn and be better.

    I obviously am just some-guy and by no means pretend to know legal things.

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  4. screw that, it's one thing if you see a blatant dangerous situation. When I'm called in for a fire service related call that's what I'm there for.

    There are so many negatives and pitfalls to a plan like that that I'm not even going to get started on it.
  5. Rest assured that MY department won't be complying with the social services people looking to intrude upon people's lives. Well outside the scope of our duties. Many, many Constitutional issues involved as well.

    However, this glimpse into their mindset should alarm everyone. They're feeling is that if any government service is requested then you're open for other intrusive inspections. A number was put on Medicare children being nearly 50% of births. They felt that since the "Government" was paying for their births that the "Government" has a right to say how the child is raised and how they live.
  6. I hate it when those lazy, parasitic, senior citizens squirt out government babies on our dime ...

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  7. Oops, MedicAid!
  8. Tvov

    Yep. "But what about the children?!" All they are thinking about is what is best for the children. How could anyone possibly be against that?

    "We are from the Government, and we are here to help"
  9. I would think that there would be some 4th amendment issues involved.
  10. Firefighters are there to fight fires, not spend all their time inspecting homes and ****. How do they expect firefighters to have all the time in the world to do both? Besides, it's none of the government's business what goes on behind the walls of the house I live in. They can keep their dirty noses out of my business.
  11. They can kiss my ass. I will check on the cause of the fire, or smoke or CO and then turn the scene back over to the homeowner. Unless I run into something truly hazardous like a meth lab, I'm not going to look for things for these sniveling weasels to poke their noses in.

  12. Why the Government helped 19 Children at WACO, TX get to Heaven quicker. :steamed:
  13. With respect to a situation where you have a reasonable basis for suspicion of (either) child abuse, child neglect, elder abuse, or elder neglect, a mandatory reporting requirement might already exist.

    Check your state laws.
  14. larry_minn

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    Having taken classes with (future) socal workers friends with their wife socal worker....

    I don't care for them. HUGE PITA. I have played "damage control" for friends, neighbors when they get involved.

    They will decide whats best for child/adult. NOT what they want, are comfortable with.

    We had a foster couple near me that were WONDERFUL. Great, patient, caring folks... Socail workers "decided" that the male grabbing the 7 yr old as he RAN INTO TRAFFIC was abuse. Note he saw kid take off and prevented a disaster.

    This kid was a KNOWN self destructive, running into way of cars.... They had a young girl that slammed door to her room. (again, and again many times)
    So he took door off hinges, put up beach towel. "You can't do that"
  15. janice6

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    Same people. Same claims. Same power grab for "Control".

    This has nothing to do with children or social services. This is an excuse for those that feel their lives and their fate are out of their control,to control others,just to make themselves feel better.

    If you feel pushed around, you will feel better pushing others around. It's also called "bullying". You do it "because you can", for no other reason. It's about control.

    Don't let them do it!
  16. The social service types are usually idealistic idiots who could care less about the constitution and care more about their agency's power and influence. Want to come in and check on smoke? Ok. You want to snoop? You're life will become complicated in more ways than one. I say this based on years of watching (in a professional...non-personally related) how they work. Yes, they are necessary...but very quick to over reach.
  17. Brian Lee

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    I like this plan about as much as I'd like the idea of government trained & certified babysitters being assigned to each family by the state.

    It's a certainty that they'd send the worlds most incompetent boobs to your house at best, plus a fair percentage of criminals just looking for families to dig their hooks into & victimize.

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