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  1. HI, I am new here and looking forward to talking to some of you about my favorite sidearm. I lost my job as an LEO due to budget cuts, But I am ready to get back into it ASAP. I currently own the Glock 22 Gen 4 and the Glock 36 Gen 3. I love shooing the G22, but the little 36 is suprizingly accurate for a small frame .45. The downside as most of you know is capacity : ( Good thing it is accurate right? As an LEO I was in a situation where I was rammed several times. For some dumb reason I was wearing my S&W 5906 (nothing against smiths) I'll just say I dont own that weapon anymore. Although I was already a Glock fan, That night gave me even more reason to love the simplicity and dependability of Glock. My first Glock was a Gen 1 Glock 19. Since then I have owned 3 of the model 22's including the one I have now and of course my 36. I would like to own a long slide 9mm, a 23, and a 27. Then I would be satisfied....Maybe : ) I don't claim any special skills or experties. I am looking forward to meeting some of you and learning a few things.

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