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Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by M1Tommy, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Hello the forum. :wavey:

    I'm just Tommy , a guy in Arkansas who stumbled across the forums while looking for info. on a Glock.
    I recently horse traded for a Glock 22 (40 S&W), 4 magazines, about 400 rounds ammo. and hard case.

    I've never owned a Glock nor anything in .40 S&W before... but this deal was too good to pass up. I've not convinced myself that I want to keep this pistol........ yet, anyways.

    Otherwise, I shoot when I can, have shot some NRA HP rifle matches in the past, piddle with a couple old muzzle loaders, an RWS54 in .177, etc., fish (badly) on the lakes around Hot Springs, and ride my '96 Kaw. 800 and wrench on it when I have to, and read quite a bit.

    I'll likely be reading here a lot more than posting, particularly for some while now.... lots to learn I am thinking.
    Any other questions, no prob.

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  2. Welcome to the forum, Tommy.

  3. i hope youll learn to spell your home state after a while....LOL

    welcome aboard, i have family in pine bluff and points south of there.
  4. Thanks for the welcome.
  5. SE Ark. has some nice areas too, although I'm pretty much a hillbilly at heart.
    Spelling names and places, eh?... I lived in Louisiana for 14 years. Now, THEY have some real doozies.
    Thanks for the welcome.
  6. i was poking fun at your thread title....
  7. Oh I saw that... spellun ain't ever been our strung piont!

  8. :welcome: from another G22 owner. I'm real pleased with mine. There are also barrel inserts if you decide you want to shoot something other than .40, though I don't have any experience with them myself. Bulk ammo on the internet is the way to buy if you like to shoot. There's also a strong bunch of reloaders on the forum as well. :)

  9. I have reloaded for a few cartridges before.... good to know folks reload "here".
    Thanks for the welcome.

  10. Welcome to GT! I ride Arkansas all the time, its a very pretty state in the fall.
  11. I ride to NW Ark. several times a year. OK has some nice areas to I hear.... just haven't been there... yet.
    Thanks for the welcome!
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    :wavey: Welcome!
  13. :wavey:Thanks for the welcome.
  14. Thank you for the welcome.
    That anonymous quote is good.


    P.S. "physics research engineer"? cool.. or cool sounding anyways! :thumbsup:
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  15. Thanks for the welcome. I own a Colt 1991... loved it ever since I bought it (in 1992).

  16. 3rdgen40

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    So I see...:rofl: Welcome from North Arkasnas...:whistling:
  17. I lived in Fayetteville for 9 mostly good years. It sure is different nowadays than it was in the 80's! Then, I went to NW Louisiana... 'nuff said! <grin>

  18. oily_oink

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    :welcome: From Michigan!

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