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Intratec Tec-22

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by Veedubklown, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Just bought a tec-22 off GB, selling had jamming issues with it. Not sure what they are yet, but I aim to find out. Been doing some reading around, about problems with plastic feed lips, magazine angle, tactical innovation magazines, and broken firing pins. Wonder if there's any more for the GT braintrust to add?


    And here it is, all dolled up and pretty
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  2. Mine got much more reliable with a new extractor... the bolt uses the same extractor as the 10/22, and there are several good after-market parts available. (Volquartsen, Power Custom, etc.)

    Never broke a firing pin, but I've heard others say they have.

  3. Bluestreakfl


    Feb 22, 2011
    I sold one too a customer once, a week later he brought it back to us, indeed had broken firing pin, which we paid $20 to have fixed.

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  4. I'm reading around that they don't work well with federal bulk pack... wonder if the spring is too strong?
  5. bac1023


    Sep 26, 2004
  6. DJ Niner

    DJ Niner Moderator

    Feb 13, 2001
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    Front sight fell off of mine. It was just a post with a hollow base, and the hollowed area was flared to "rivet" it to the sight base. One slight knock that missed the protector ears and hit the post directly, and that was all she wrote.

    It was finicky about ammo, but mine worked pretty reliably with two or three different loads (sorry I can't remember which ones; that was a LONG time ago). Chances are it was CCI Mini-Mags and something else. If you can find CCI Blazer .22 ammo, either bulk-pack or the 50-round boxes/500-round bricks, it works well in almost everything I've tried it in.
  7. I used to have 2k rounds off CCI blazer, LRN. My 10/22 hated it. I'm going to try and get this thing to work with federal bulk. I got a couple weeks to figure out how :upeyes:
  8. rodg74


    Dec 14, 2007
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    I had a tec-22 scorpion and a tec-9 back in the day. Believe it or not, I traded it away for a blued, Colt ser. 80 1911. EVEN TRADE! I sold the tec-9 to another coworker for $750.00! Thank you Fmr. President Clinton and Sarah Brady. Their ridiculous 1994 assault weapons ban drove the value of weapons like these through the roof here in FL. Anybody remember $80.00 hi-cap glock mags?
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    The Tec 22 as well as the Tec 9 are/were two of the worse POS guns in history. George Kellgren of Kel-Tec designed those and should have been horse whipped for bringing those to market. I like some of his current guns but those were crap.

    Back in the day I had an FFL and those gun were constant problems for the people who bought them and for me.
  10. Z71


    Oct 29, 2006
    My father in law bought a new Tec-22 years back. He owned it for like a week or two...and we took it to a gunshow and he swapped it on something else. He said it was a 'Jam-O-matic'...I never shot it.

    I have a Tec of the incarnations of the infamous Tec 9...and you ain't that bad. I mean it works...and if you can hold the awkward thing(needs a sub-gun sling)..the sights are dead on!
  11. rickyblaze


    Mar 14, 2012
    I just picked up a Sport 22 ,same as the Tec-22 but without the threaded barrell. A few years back I owed a pair of the Tec-22's and they were a blast. There were some FTE's but for the most part they worked pretty well after messing with the extractors. I used Ruger 10/22 extractors and had good success. Anyway, I traded one to my brother and lost the last one in my divorce.
    The shot the Sport 22 last saturday after picking it up from the gun shop. I should say I tried to shoot it. lol It only worked with my 10/22 stock mag not even with the Intratec mag it came with. I should have known it would need some tuning but I thought what the heck.
    So I ordered the Volquartsen extractor and did a mod to the ejector, I drilled it and put a 4mm (i think) allen head screw into it to extend the ejector out past the rim of the next cartridge in the mag. Have'nt had a chance to shoot it yet but racking some rounds through looked very promising. The only thing about the mod is that it won't work with mags that have a built in ejector. Has to be the Butler Creek stlye mag hot lip or steel lipped. I came across a post where a guy drilled it out and put a piece of hex wrench in it to extend so figured the allen head screw should work as well
    I'm on duty today but I will try to get a pic of what I did and post it. I also was thinking of making an add on piece to extend the ejector out of Delrin. First I'll see how the allen head screw works though.
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  12. Titurel

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    Feb 12, 2006
    I've always thought the "Tec" guns where really dumb, but I would pick up a Tec-22 just for kicks if I found one cheap. Partly because anything in 22lr is just fun and also for the challenge of seeing if I could tweak it to work.

    I would suggest the Tactical Innovations magazines as a possible solution

    The main advantage they have is adjustability; there are 4 allen head screws on the top of the mag which allow you to change the angle and height of the cartridge as it is presented to the chamber. It takes some patience to fine tune but they definitely can solve some problems. Very well made too. Good luck!
  13. With shipping and FFL, it came out to just over $200. I was expecting a jam-machine, as the ad said it will be, and because it's a tec-22 after all. I can make it work, and for $200 for a .22 that takes the same mags as my 10/22, can't beat it. It will be fun. Still haven't gotten it, just sent my payment off monday.
  14. rickyblaze


    Mar 14, 2012
    After installing a Volquartsen extractor and doing the allen screw mod I can report a 100% success rate of fire for two different lot lip style 25 round mag full of winchester 40 gr lrn , winchester 36 hp bulk, federal 36gr hp bulk. It shot great tonight untill I heard the infamous CLICK jack CLICK jack what the H$(( no firing pin contact on the cartridge. Broken firing pin that these guns or so famous for. I only found the front half so I had to rely on measurements taken from the bolt. I got the new pin fabricated and test fired it on an emptied cartridge and BAM it worked. I made the new firing pin from and old planer blade so it should last for a while. Anyway here are some pics of the allen head screw ejector mod and the new firing pin

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  15. I like your ejector made from the allen screw, I had seen before the guy who was using a piece of allen wrench cut off and shoved in there to make it work. Here's the feed lips of the 10/22 magazines I own.


    Some have the full lips with the extractor (right 2) some don't. Left 2 are pro-mags, then an eagle, and the stock 10 round ruger mag. The eagle uses a plastic feed lip, and it runs better in my 10/22 than the pro-mags. All 3 run pretty well (in my 10/22), and I've chucked up the handful of feed issues I've had to either bad (now replaced) magazines, or ammo :dunno: .22 bulkpack, whatcha gonna do?

    My question is, can I use my full-lipped magazines, if I do this mod, to my ejector? My tec-22 comes in tomorrow, but I probably won't pick it up until my day off, on thursday.
  16. rickyblaze


    Mar 14, 2012
    No, it does'nt work with the mags that have the built in ejectors. Only the flat lip type like the two on the left. I am contemplating on making an insert that would replace the stock ejector with a longer one and be removable to use the type of mag with the built in ejector like the two on the right.

  17. But then you gotta take it down and fiddle with it. I realize take-down is 2 seconds, but I don't like exposing small parts at the range. Dirt gets into stuff, parts fall off the table, etc. I'll just learn to love the lip-less mags for my tec, and do the ejector mod. I just ordered a Volquartsen Exact Edge extractor for a 10/22.
  18. rickyblaze


    Mar 14, 2012
    You will be pleased with the new extractor ;-)
  19. I hope so. I'm thinking this is a large part of the issue. Or magazine. I'm hoping I bought a smokin deal that someone couldn't/wouldn't mess with, and it'll be easy to fix. And, not that something critical is broken or missing. :dunno: Isn't gambling fun?
  20. Just got back from the range with it, and it's a runner. Using federal value pak 550 round boxes from the walmart shelf at 19.95 a box, and the stock intratec magazine, it ran like a champ. It's gotta be the most fun you can have at the range with your clothes on.

    A buddy of mine just happened to have an Intratec tec-22 scorpion case, that he tossed my way. I'm not sure what the difference between this, and a scorpion is? Probably something they did with the california name ban.

    The stock mag with federal ran great, but none of my after-market 10/22 mags would. With CCI stingers, they all ran great.


    Most the problems looked like extraction issues, maybe the Volquartsen extractor will fix things.


    Over-all, I dig it.