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Intermediate Level Defensive Handgun / Oct 17 - 19

Discussion in 'Glockers of the Old Dominion' started by RandySmith, Oct 2, 2008.

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    Mar 1, 2001
    Staunton, Va.
    Defensive Training Concepts, Inc. will be presenting a 30 hour Intermediate Level Defensive Handgun course October 17th through the 19th at the Blue Ridge Shooter's Club near Lexington, Va.

    Course Description
    Intermediate Level Defensive Handgun is a 30 hour course delivered over three consecutive days. Students will learn material from the listed topics through classroom lecture and participation in practical exercises.

    Learning Objectives
    Topics covered during the course include: Mindset, Conflict Avoidance, Color Codes of Awareness, The Affects of Survival Stress, Identifying and using Cover and Concealment, Force Continuum / Ladder / Wheel, Boyd's (OODA) Loop, Legalities of using Force, Equipment Holsters, Mag Carriers, etc.., Basic Disarming and Retention Techniques, Drawing from a Concealment Holster, Reloading and Recovering, Tactical Movement, Searching, Flashlight Techniques, Shooting in Subdued Light, Responding to Malfunctions and Stoppages, Shooting while Moving, Engaging Multiple Threats, Moving Threats, Ballistic Wounding, Close Quarters Fighting, and much more.

    Materials Required
    Students will need the following items: a reliable handgun (bring a backup), hip and/or concealment holster for handgun (no cross draw, shoulder, small of back, serpa, or fanny packs), magazines (at least 5 for each handgun), belt style magazine carriers, concealment garment, 1200 rounds of a good quality ammo, shooting glasses, hearing protection, baseball hat, an old teeshirt suitable for use as a target, a flashlight with a spare bulb and batteries, a notebook and ink pen, proper clothing for an extended period outside, a lawn chair, sunscreen, rain gear, food for the meal breaks, and plenty of drinking water.

    Course Completion
    This course satisfies the training requirement of Virginia and several other states for the purpose of obtaining a concealed handgun, FOID, or pistol purchase permit. Optionally, we will include additional instruction for the states of Utah (20 minutes) and North Carolina (2 hours) for those interested. Students will receive a certificate of successful completion.

    This course is designed for the person who already possess safe firearm handling skills, can apply the fundamentals of marksmanship, and is ready to learn how to use the handgun for self defense. This is NOT a basic marksmanship or "introduction to handguns" type of course. As a prerequisite, students should have attended our Introductory Handgun, an NRA Basic Pistol, DCJS, POST, BLET, SLED, or similar course or have a knowledge and skill level commensurate with listed courses.

    Randy Smith at (540) 414-5449 or for additional information and registration. Course tuition is $375 per student. The course will start promptly at 8am on the 17th. Please arrive no later than 7:30am. Class size will be limited. Additional information is also available at

    I have one slot open at this time.

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    Randy Smith
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