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Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning' started by glocksalot, Mar 23, 2013.

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  2. Two great crossfit videos on YouTube. I'm on my iPad and don't know how to post them here. :(

    Guys....enjoy, I know I couldn't stop laughing. I'll post the video titles below.

    1) KIPPING EVERYTHING. It's not just for pull ups anymore.

    2) Crossfit fail compilation WOD aka snap city

  3. BCR

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    Haha classic.

    Totally went over my head. :rofl:
  4. Green_Manelishi

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    The kipping video was rather funny; it must have been a joke.

    The Xfit fail was sad on too many levels.
  5. so i read the entire book of 5/3/1 in one day while sitting on the beach. i started with week one and was really pumped about the entire program and the potential gains i was going to make. and then, i break my hand punching a guy in the noggin a few times at work while he was resisting arrest. so now im out for three weeks due to a boxers fracture. i will be making my way back into the gym as soon as im sure my hand is back in action 100%. thanks for all the helpful replies
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    SOrry to hear the news. Take care of yourself, the weights will still be there when you're healed.
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    That's why there are batons. :whistling:

  8. pfft. batons are for ******* :supergrin:
  9. Green_Manelishi

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    You are a manly man with a broken had cuz someone's head was harder.

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