Interesting test results and question about ammo?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by arnettjd10, Oct 12, 2012.

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    I love 9mm, but I'd rather stake my protection on ammo running in a fairly normal operating range vs loaded to beejezus bunker levels just to get an extra 100fps from an already overtaxed case capacity.
    9mm works fine for me, but if I need 124gr going 1300+ I'll just use a cartridge weapon and platform designed around that.

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  2. Are those your Chronograph results or the claimed manufacturer's #'s?.

    Food for thought. Ive been reloading a while now, and one thing every handloader notices is that he highest possible velocity is not usually the most accurate. In fact its sometimes crappy. Each caliber handgun is going to have a barrel.twist that is optimized for the ballistics of the caliber. I'm willing to bet that a 357 SIG pushed at 357 SIG velocity is going to be more accurate than a 9mm pushed to velocities that are outside the norm for the caliber. I'm also willing to bet that those same rounds are pushing even stretching what the caliber IA intended to handle. If Underwood loads their ammo that hot they are an acccident waiting to happen. The probability of it happeneing is going to be in the extreme spread. I highly doubt they are hand weighing each loads powder charge....

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  3. My new Gen. 4, G26 had been flawless through 200 rounds. Last week went to the range with:

    1. Speer 124gr. Gold Dots +P
    2. Underwood 115gr Gold Dots +P+

    All 50 Speers ran flawlessly.

    2nd round of Underwood's completely looked up my G26. Could not eject the round at all. Wasn't sure if the round in the chamber was live or spent.

    So, dropped the mag and counted rounds, and rounds on target, and concluded the chambered round was spent.

    Removed the slide, and had one hell of a time removing the barrel. Had to drive the case out from the barrel end with a rod and hammer.

    Inspected the barrel, reassembled and fired another 20 Speers, again flawlessly.

    So, now have 48 rounds of Underwoods and not sure what to do.


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  4. Those casings show signs of excessive pressure, which is pretty obvious based on them being stuck in the barrel as well.

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  5. Same casing.....The case measures .390 just under the rim. Doesn't seem out of the ordinary but the jam certainly was.
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    WOW - such a good deal!
  7. Is that a typo? That would be some terrible ammo coming in at 5" at a mere 30ft.:shocked:

    I went w/ a G32 & 40 & 9mm bbls. The ultimate SHTF combo as you should be able to find some ammo some place.:dunno:
  8. ^THIS^^
    Eventually running a cartridge at levels not really designed for it will result in a catastrophic failure. You want more gun, get more gun, don't try stuffing more powder into a smaller case just to gain 1-2 add'l. round sin the gun.:dunno:
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    Sooooo true. The case capacity of the 9x19 is puny compared to the .357 magnum that it keeps trying to match in power.

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