injuries/Deaths caused by stray bullets

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by Young Once, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Aren't we going to condemn those who have caused injuries and deaths by firing their firearms indiscriminately to usher in (stupidly, I say) the coming of the new year? Though difficult to identify, their acts give us all a bad name. I say that we should make it known, at least in our own little corner of cyber space, that we do not condone such acts, and hope that the perpetrators get caught. And to those who have suffered injuries and even death because of such irresponsibility, I offer my sincerest sympathies, condolences and prayers that they will be able to get over their grief, and that the perpetrators will be caught. And to all those who have indiscriminately fired their weapons in the air at the height of the new year's revelry, I say do us all a favor and point the guns at your head next time to spare us all the trouble!

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  3. ang sakit nga nun para sa magulang
    I'm pretty sure they will get thewir comeuppance

  4. I doubt magkakaron ng total gun ban
    Baka they will ask for a battery of neuro psych tests w/ the corresponding costs plus special fees for non appearance
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    PMMA97 MNSAmessdetail

  6. in all likelihood, nobody has ever been killed by a free falling pistol bullet.

    considering the sectional density and resulting terminal velocity of pistol bullets you'll quickly see that the myth that bullets fall faster than it's initial muzzle velocity is just that, a myth.

    i suspect most of these stray bullet victims were hit by bullets still travelling towards the apex of their trajectory, that is, still under the power of the propellant and not just falling at 9.8m/sec^2

    though i do not advocate it since it is not legal, if you just use science you'll see that firing straight up into the air is probably statistically safer than shooting at homemade backstops which i think was the case for most of these new year stray bullet hits.

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