Infamous Cardboard Box Time

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by Ruggles, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. :supergrin: Heck yeah!

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  2. Good goin ruggles! Great choice. I took possesion of a pll about six weeks ago.
    And by the way, our serial numbers are within 30 of each other!

  3. Joshhtn

    Joshhtn The eBay Guy
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    That's beautiful!! Congrats!!
  4. Brothers in arms :) I bet they sat in the same pile at Baer's at sometime. :)
  5. I am sure they did! I have close to 300 rounds through mine and it hasn't made it any easier to break the slide loose. For me at least, i hope it stays that way.
  6. About the same number thru this one, still as tight as crap. I owned a Bear TRS Comanche for about 2 years. Never got any loser after many many rounds. I bet these PIIs will be tight for years to come :)

    I honestly wish it was a wee bit looser, this thing is brutal tight :rofl:
  7. Rinspeed

    Rinspeed JAFO


    The wonderful thing about tight pistols is it's a hell of a lot easier to make tight ones a little looser than it is to make loose ones a little tighter.
  8. Ahhh very true :)

    But does it need to be so tight it makes me feel like a 9 year old girl when I am trying to chamber a round!
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  9. Rinspeed

    Rinspeed JAFO


    Maybe it's time to hit the gym my friend. :supergrin:
  10. Been married for 20+ years, I would think that that particular motion using my arms and hand would be in my favor and I could rack that slide, repeatedly and often :rofl:
  11. Its a cool round for sure and the only round designed specifically for the 1911.
  12. Thats the stuff right there, congrats!
  13. rednoved

    rednoved NRA Member

    That gun looks awesome. I really like the grips.
  14. Thanks :wavey:
  15. They look nice, pretty aggressive texture for a wooden grip. Carrying IWB can be a tad bit abrasive on the skin :) But it's not too bad.
  16. Congratulations!
  17. FullClip

    FullClip NRA Benefactor

    Nice collection going there for sure. I picked up a used Baer Stinger a couple years ago...and the card board box was included! Since then also bought a new Brown Carry, but like the Baer better...may think about getting a full sized Baer when I finish this project and get home.
  18. Hey ruggles, i was able to shoot mine outdoors at fifty yards today. Got an honest 2 1/2 group with six shots on only my second attempt. just using a handload of mixed brass and 230 grain ball. Mine does not have the 1 1/2 inch guarantee. I was shooting seated with a backrest. Was also able to make some good hits on a 35 pound barbell plate at 130 yards. The baer gets better all the time.
    #58 garander, Nov 10, 2012
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  19. Kinda one of those things that one is never enough :rofl: Sounds like you have plan to enlarge the 1911 family. I really like the looks of the Baer SuperTac full size.
  20. Very nice indeed :) I do not have the 1/2" either, I can not imagine I could ever really take advantage of that kind of mechanical accuracy :) Sounds like you had a great day of shooting,congrats :) Looks like you and you Baer are warming up to each other. :wavey:

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