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  1. Just got a Buckmark UDX and after cleaning/lubing, took it to the range. Sometimes I get through an entire mag w/out a FTF (failure to fire) and sometimes I don't. I can't tie it to any particular magazine, and while it happens more frequently w/Remington bulk ammo, it's also happened w/Winchester and Federal. So, far I have around 700 rounds through it.

    The cleared round will have just a real light firing pin hit on the rim. If I rechamber the round, it'll fire, but this lack of reliability is going to be a problem in Steel Challenge. Anybody come across this before and what did you do to fix it? It's a tack driver and feels great in my hand, so it's a keeper, just gotta get through this rough spot.

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  2. In my experience, a light hit is usually a sign that the slide didn't close all the way when the round was chambered. When the hammer fell, some of the energy that usually would be used to strike the firing pin was re-directed to closing the slide, robbing the system of the power needed to hit the pin hard enough to fire the round. Also, if the slide is not fully closed, the round can move forward under the impact of the firing pin, preventing the rim from being properly "crushed" between the pin and the face of the barrel/chamber.

    I'd start by cleaning the chamber really well with a new (non-worn) bronze bore brush to hopefully prevent crud-related chambering problems. Next, I'd try some different ammo, as much of the bulk-packed ammo is having reliability and consistency problems of late (if you believe the many reports that are surfacing). Although it's more expensive, I'd suggest CCI Mini-Mags (round nose if you can find them, hollow points if you can't). My local Walmart carries them for $6.47 a hundred, and the local farm store for about the same. I know it would be great to have your gun shoot the cheap stuff with match ammo precision and military reliability, but the odds of that happening seem to be getting less and less likely.

    To keep costs reasonable, practice with the cheap stuff, do a final zero check and practice session right before the match with the good stuff, and use the good stuff in the match/competition.

    If nothing else, a few problem-free sessions with the CCI stuff may prove your troubles are ammo-related, and restore your confidence in your weapon.


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  3. I'll try some of the CCI. Talked w/some of the buds today and they suggested both making sure the chamber is clean and the bolt face is clean too. I'll give it a good scrubbing, try some CCI and see how it works out. If that doesn't make it, it's going back to Browning...
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    When cleaning use a good gun lube and look for any rub marks on the slide/frame that may be causing a problem. Use a high velocity/high quality ammo. CCI is usually very good and I like PMC Moderator and Eley Target for rifles. Also another round that has surprised me in my Buckmark is CCI SGB.
    Hope you get it worked out without having to send it off.
  5. Thanks. I cleaned the ****ens out of it today. I use Militec-1. Tried to not overdo it and use a light touch. We'll see how it works out tomorrow.
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    My BM has to have at least 50 rounds through it before it acts right. I deap clean it once before season, Oct - Mar, then shoot a box (50) through it, then shoot in Bullseye competition. During the season I'll occasionally clean the chamber with a chamber brush, boltface/extractor with a toothbrush, and run a bore snake through the bore a few times but that's it. And ensure plenty of lube.
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  7. I'd agree that is if doesn't run under those circumstances, it SHOULD go back.
  8. Have you guys noticed any inconsistencies w/different ammo? I figured since I got it for Steel Challenge, that I'd be practicing a lot and wanted to use some type of bulk ammo. Remington bulk seemed to have the most failures to fire, but given the light firing pin strikes and the ammo subsequently firing, I think it should've worked right the first time... When I range tested it to make sure the sights were on, Winchester seemed the most accurate, then Federal, with both covering a ragged nickel at 15yds...the Remington was a bit all over.
  9. Jeff82

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    I tested many varieties (over a dozen) of .22 ammo in my BM. A few were garbage, some were very good. I choose some of the lesser expensive 'very good' and shot it all year long. The next year I bought a case of the same ammo and it shot like dudu with malfunctions. Same ammo, different lot. I bought a case of the "next on my list" and used it that following year.

    .22's are like this. They vary greatly and it's not dependent on the type, manufacturer, the gun it's in, etc. You have to find the lot that works the way you like in your pistol and use it. Once you find a lot that your gun likes buy as much of it as you can. Then start looking again when it's time to resupply.
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  10. Thanks for the insight. I know there are variances between rimfire ammo, which explains variances in accuracy. My main concern was the BM not firing consistently and the extracted round having a light firing pin/striker hit.
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    I shoot Federal Bulk and Remington Bulk (GBs) through my Buckmark with GREAT results. It will eat anythong I feed it, but shoots the mid- grade stuff quite well........

  12. Good advice, right there. With the variations we've been seeing lately, this is probably the best way to pick ammo. Unfortunately, with the shortage of different ammo types/brands on the shelves, it might be difficult to use this procedure. But if you can, it's a good way to go.
  13. Bulk Remington Golden Bullets have been notorious for misfires in my Buck Marks and all of my .22s. Federal bulk .22's fire more reliably, but are weaker and frequently fail to eject. CCI Mini Mags or Federal Auto Match are closest to 100%, and I'd try these before concluding that the misfires are a problem with the pistol and not the ammo. .22 ammo can be either cheap or reliable, but rarely both.
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  14. After a THOROUGH cleaning and giving it a light lube, I tried 6 different kinds of ammo from 8 different magazines. Still an occasional failure to fire. Also, when it fails to fire, in pulling the slide back, it fails to extract. The round in the chamber will have a small, very light, almost hair-like indent in the cartridge rim. Clearly a problem beyond just ammo choices. I talked w/Browning service and it's being shipped back today.
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  15. I'm sorry to hear that you had to send it back, but you made the right choice. Browning's service department has a good rep as far as I remember (kinda rare for anyone to need to use them, in my experience), they'll fix'er up and ship it back. Hope the turnaround is quick; let us know how long it takes, okay?
  16. Be sure to check the set screw (allen or slotted) on the front of the frame that holds the barrel on. The slotted set screw on my Buck Mark shot loose and that allowed a little movement of the barrel causing light primer strikes. I like my Buck Mark, but you definitely have to check all of the screws after shooting and Lock-Tite them all.

    Most everyone complains about the Ruger takedown, but very little to shoot loose...
  17. Thanks for the insights. I'll let you know what kind of turnaround I get w/the service guys. I checked the tightness of the allen screw for the barrel. It was cinched down pretty good and was not loose when I sent it back. I was wondering on a separate point, did you guys notice any of the duracoat coating on the feedramp? I dropped a hint on my return notice to Browning, so we'll see what happens...
  18. I also just got a Buckmark UDX stainless camper, I cleaned it before I took it out and put some lube in it, I used federal auto match I got 2 extra magazines. Out of the whole box I only had 2 Fail To Feed, no misfires, extracting or ejection problems. The two failures happened towards the end of my shooting session, I did notice that it got dirty really quick inside the chamber and the mag well that could have caused the problems plus is a brand new gun I have to break it in with at least 1500 rounds. Yours does sound like a different problem and the guys at Browning should take care of it. I am also going to try dry lube next time I clean it, so all the crap doesn't get stuck in the chamber, I have a Remington 597 and after doing the home made adjustments and changing the hammer and selecting the ammo, I discovered that the sucker loves to run dry, all my problems where fixed now it shoots like a dream.
  19. We'll see when it gets back from Browning. I was brought up shooting 1911's, so while I'm trying to wean myself from the "if it's not dripping, there's not enough oil on it...", my experience tells me that a lot of guns will run wet & dirty, but not dry & dirty.

    Thinking about the Buckmark, I think mine must have some kind of extractor issue. Either too stiff/tight or something that prevents the slide from seating all the way. I also think that the duracoating on the feed ramp doesn't contribute to reliable feeding either...
  20. I was having similar troubles with my Buckmark. I read alot online and found out that I wasn't supposed to be field stripping it to clean it. I placed an order with Browning for a new recoil rod, spring, bushing, and little tiny clip that holds the spring onto the rod. Once I replaced those parts, it runs great again. Occasional FTF but that's just the nature of .22.

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