In search of .223 55g FMJ's

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by DoctaGlockta, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Check the swage section on cast boolit forum. Brian (BT sniper) is putting thses together. It is not cheap, but comes with everything needed but the lead & 22lr jackets. While I doubt I save any money, I may never make 9K bullets, I like the idea of having what I want when I want. Especially in Kommifornia, they could ban internet sales or even reloading w/ little effort. So I would always have stuff to make ammo.

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  2. Boxerglocker

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    I just got in on a group buy this morning with 5 buddies and ordered from Manny USA
    6 case minimum but slightly cheaper than direct from MG, these are MG bullets. The organizer called and they apparently have them in stock but stated 2-3 weeks backlog on orders.

  3. Thanks. Don't need 6 cases but appreciate the heads up.
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  4. Boxerglocker

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    I could ask if your intention were to order a case. Though, you would have to pay double shipping as they will be drop shipping out here to WA state. The payment is all going on the organizers credit card, so you would have to make an arrangement with him.
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  5. I don't know. I had planned to go up to canada next month on some other business maybe a slight detour for boolits is in order. I have that sportsmans card jigger they require for a lot of stuff but never had the need to buy boolits or ammo up there. Well I bought some airgun pellets and knives already but that is about it.

    The US border guys are usually interested in the amount of crap you bringing back. Canada never seems to care. It is harder for me as a natural born citizen to get back into the US than it is to get into Canada.
  6. shotgunred

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    He will sell one case if you call him. it just costs more, at least he did in the past.

    Just call my source that always has bullets. Even he is out.
  7. shotgunred

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    The government doesn't have to do anything. The hordes have basically wiped out everything and there to buy is there is very little available.
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    If he did in the past he doesn't anymore.... we asked.
  9. PCJim

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    Here's one for you.... Seen any discount lead in bulk on the market?

    My supplier of 125gr LCNs told me yesterday that he is scrambling for lead at the moment. His supplier had someone steal basically a semi shipment of lead - close to 40,000 lbs. Had to have happened last month, as it effected his shipment that he was expecting last week. Someone had some lead ones to pull that off. Thinking about the weight, it had to be palletized and I'm guessing 12-14 pallets. Still, that required some logistics.

    I wonder where Jack is going to store all that lead?
  10. Thanks for the offer. I think I'll just wait it out and get some from MG when they have them in stock. I don't want to complicate your order.
  11. PCJim

    PCJim Senior Member

    They aren't 55gr FMJs, but...

    MidSouth just sent me an email stating their 5K count 50gr Varmint Nightmare SP is in stock. Can't comment on how good a bullet it is, but at least you'd have something to cap off those sticks of brass.
  12. I just got a case of these as well for the 280 price. I feel lucky to get them at that price. Now I just need powder and primers.
  13. Natchez just got some in today.

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