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Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by MStef66, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Just recently obtained my CT permit. It took the full 16 weeks, what a long wait. I also have my Utah permit to supplement.

    My first gun was a Sig P938, great little gun but was experiencing repeated misfires so back to Sig it went.

    I have had my eye on the G26 for the full 16 weeks so I wound up getting this in the Gen 4. I like the feel much better than the little Sig.

    My main drive for getting my CCW was for personal protection while OHV-ing out in the mountains.

    Looks like a great forum, hoping to learn as much as I can. I take it very serious and I want to do it right.


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  2. :welcome:

  3. Welcome to GT!
  4. Gotta love the 26.

    Takes most about 6 months to get a permit in NYS.
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    Welcome to GT.
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    Welcome! :wavey:
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    :welcome: From Michigan!
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    Welcome from NYS!

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