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  1. The Range officer said use the shovel and take the gun from the bad guy. My 11 year old [ame=""]RRGC 10-6-2012 - YouTube[/ame] grand daughter and my glock 19

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  2. How did it feel?

  3. 11yrs old...that's great!
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    Kick ass!
  5. shes only been shooting for 8 months. i want to get her a glock 19 of her own
  6. awesome. the shovel was hilarious.
  7. I laughed so hard i peed a little
  8. She don't need no steeeenking Glock. Just get her a shovel!
  9. Fantastic ! The young the future of shooting and shooting sports. SJ 40
  10. I am a staunch advocate of arming women. I do believe in equality. Good job.....
  11. Sgt.K

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    Thanks for sharing that! Great shooting!
  12. G23Gen4.40

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    Great video. Now if I could get one of my daughters interested in shooting.
  13. MadMonkey

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    Little girls don't mess around :rofl: I hope I can teach my nieces to do that.
  14. this is her mother my daughter
    [ame=""]Rrgc 10-6-2012 Chris - YouTube[/ame]

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