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I'm thinking about being environmentally responsible and get me a hybrid car

Discussion in 'Car Forum' started by fnfalman, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    Oct 23, 2000
    California & New Mexico, US
    Toyota or Honda?

    In California hybrid car drivers can use the carpool lane even though they drive solo. Cali did this in order to give incentive to entice people to own hybrid cars.

    But my main question is will chicks dig it? Will I be able to score more honeys by driving a POS and making myself looking like I'm sensitive and caring and all that hippy crap?
  2. Kastivich01


    Oct 11, 2005
    Id go with a Civic hybrid if I was going to get one. Barely any noticable difference between gas versions.

    And no, I dont think hybrids are going to be the chick magnet of the vehicle world.

  3. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    Oct 23, 2000
    California & New Mexico, US
    There goes that idea. I think that I'll keep my BMW convertible then.
  4. perception


    May 24, 2005
    Also, if those batteries ever go, they will cost you out the a**. They are incredibly expensive.
  5. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    Oct 23, 2000
    California & New Mexico, US
    It's a late April Fool's post. Haha.

    Me? Environmentally responsible? I took catalytic converters out of all of my motorcycles and retuned them for power. Hell, a Chevy truck has better gas mileages than my bikes.
  6. slumpmaster

    slumpmaster Amateur

    Mar 18, 2002
    NE WA
    I have a 2005 Prius. More power and interior amenities/space than the Accord I traded in on it. Plus, it got me some :supergrin: .

    But man is it UGLY. The 50+ mpg makes up for the looks, though.
  7. epsylum

    epsylum Boolit Hoze

    Sep 4, 2004
    Racing Capital, USA
    And here we are buying sports cars like idiots.

  8. gixxer11

    gixxer11 bbrrraaapppppp!

    Jan 11, 2005
    in the garage
    Depends on what YOU want to do with/to the chicks! If your talking about "FUN" then probably less likely, but if your talking about attending "Save the Whales" seminars.....

    All jokes aside, I've meet some very "responsible" women who don't want you to know what they are really thinking about. So yeah, Slumpman, I'm with you! A hybrid could get you plenty!!!!