I'm going to start supporting republicans.

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by frank4570, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. I'm not a republican. And I don't like some of the views of the republicans. But it looks to me like america is currently solidly divided between people who self identify as republicans and people who self identify as democrats. And those people have enough numbers to make any other voters have little effect. That is just how the numbers of people work out.
    I would like things to be different. I would like for a bunch of people to stop believing the lie that "we have plenty of money, it's just that the rich people are not paying their fair share".
    How I want things to be is not really relevant, things are as they are no matter what I want.

    There is one thing about these 2 parties that is very solidly true. Democrats are trying to take away our gun rights. It's even in their party platform. And republicans are the only thing preventing them from taking our rights.
    So starting on the 28th of this month I'm going to start volunteering with the republican party here in my state. If you value your 2nd amendment rights, you might consider doing something similar.

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  3. JBnTX

    JBnTX Texas

    Good for you!....:wavey:

  4. Well, I'm just more republican than I am democrat. I go to church too, but I'm not a christian.
  5. Which Republicans are you going to support? The Karl Rove Republicans or the conservative Republicans?
  6. Your almost home. There is a fight btw RINOs and conservatives in the GOP. I would suggest trying the TP.
    I believe old skool GOP would compromise your rights on the 2A too.
  7. I'm personally a conservative. But I'm looking at this from the view of winning the war, as opposed the battle. If the democrats win, we lose. On many levels it is just that simple.

    I'm going to help, but I don't make policy. It's not like I can control who is the republican candidate, or whatever. Whoever is the republican candidate is mostly against gun control, whoever is the democrat supports more gun laws.
  8. If the "old skool" GOP thought caving on gun rights would help their re-election they'd do it in a New York minute. These are the same "conservatives" who gave us TARP, Medicare part D and No Child Left Behind.
  9. Well Frank, I'm surprised our local chapter of the "i'm socially and intellectually superior to you Romney is just like Obama there's no difference between democrats and republicans the republicans stole their own primary from themselves and saint Ron" haven't chimed in and told you that you are a sell out neocon statist pro-life religious nut anti-science creationist social security wanting leech yet.

    Seriously though, I think I know what you're saying. Even if it's only the "less bad" thing, it IS less bad to support the GOP. I only hope the party moves in the conservative direction as it needs to re-invent itself in a way.
  10. I doubt anybody is going to disagree with my assertion that the democratic party is working to get more gun control, and the republican party is working against it.
  11. Actually the Republican party has mostly kept quiet in the gun debate courageously letting the NRA fight the battle.
  12. When I said "working against it" , that was indeed a bit of a stretch.
  13. " I'm going to start supporting republicans."

    Good choice.

  14. It's makers vs takers and the Democrats support the takers.
  15. Good to hear. The Tea Party-minded Republicans do incorporate some libertarian ideas into their platforms. I'm going to make sure to take time to help Rep. Paul Broun in his quest to replace Senator Saxby Chambliss, who's retiring, and/or make sure another TP candidate fills Broun's Congressional seat. He and Rand Paul would make an even better team than they do now.

    Yep, who would've thought that Lindsey Graham would've taken point on this. This alone will probably get him re-elected.

  16. I agree with you whole heatedly. Your thinking is generally the same as mine. I was just screwing around with the first part of my post. I AM surprised that nobody has beat you up yet though. :wavey:

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