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Discussion in 'Gun-Control Issues' started by seethelight, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. I Have Been A Gun Owner For 40 + Year's And Now I see A Bad Cloud In The Future Of Our Right's. If This President Get's Another Term, I Think We Are Screwed! I Know People Say Vote In The Election To Get Rid Of Him But Half Of The Country Seem's To Not Care About What's Going On And The Other Half Is Playing The Race Game! I Have Got To The Point That I Am Considering Selling Everyone Of My Gun's And Go Fishing From Now On! This Is Very Dishearting!

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  2. Jerry

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    And exactly what will selling your guns accomplish. I’ve been a firearms owner for 40 + years. If they want them they will have to come get them. I’ll give them to them one bullet at a time. What will that accomplish? It will make me feel better dying than becoming a slave to the elate class/government.


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  3. Jerry
    Yep your just one of millions that feel the same way! My ancesters helped create this nation and I will not let it fall and discrace there name! They also fought in every war this nation has fought. So you Lefty Progressive take note it will cost you dearly to change our country in to your Socialist utopia!:steamed:
  4. Seems like some people just want to retreat, do you ever think the anti-gun wackos will ever leave you alone? You need to bring out those old history books to how regimes deal with malcontents.

    Sorry I missed the battle where all those gunowners rise up and pay back the anti gun dirtbags that seek to violate your rights and criminalize you. When are gunowners going to get involved for a change? Membership in the gun organizations have remained stagant no matter how great the threat, and the overwhelming percentage of gunowners do absolutely nothing..

    You have only to thank all those "do nuttin" gunowners for our predicament.

    P.S. Forget about fishing. Fisherman are getting shafted about as bad a gunowners, between size limits, limited seasons,and no seasons, and forget about going fishing without a tape measure, another group not clear on the concept of maybe taking some action.......Let the next guy do it, or maybe just sell your rods next......
  5. First post for the OP??? Kinda smells like a Huffington Post troll...
  6. First BHO will not be re-elected. Second, Congress passes laws not the president.

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  7. .....
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  8. Hdoc

    I thought the same thing, tho it could be that his tin foil hat fell off causing him to discover his CAPS key.
  9. RussP


    That is a lot of work for a troll...unless they compose in all lowercase in, say, MS Word, then just use the font function Capitalize Each Word. Interesting, perhaps the first time I've seen it used here. Jerry, how about you, ever seen it before?

    Now, could it be that the OP really isn't mad enough to yell, to use ALL CAPS? Could just capitalizing each word mean (s)he's not yet totally committed to what (s)he's saying?

    Here is the post reverse engineered to the proper case style with thoughts separated.
    Fine, OP, but do you not need the permission of the government to operate fishing gear while taking fish? That means, you gotta have a fishing license which can be taken away from you. Then you'll have no fishing and no guns!!

    Might as well sell your fishing gear now, too. :cool:
  10. Jerry

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    Russ, that’s the first time the OP has posted on GT according to his post count. The capitalization seemed odd to me too but I to sometimes do strange things with capitalization and bold print to draw attention to certain words. Couldn’t figure out what he was trying to do though.

    I take first posts at face value and don’t “usually” (notice what I did there with the “) think troll right off the bat. However now that we haven’t gotten a reply from him…. Could be!

    Another reason I’ll even respond to a troll is to let them know exactly where I/we stand. If they continue being a troll you, several others and I make fools of them in short order. :supergrin:

    Edited to add: I just reread his post. It appears that he capitalizing the first letter of words he felt important and fully capitalizing words he felt were very important. At least that’s what I got out of it.

    Don’t think he’s a troll. Just fed up and doesn’t know what to do… like a lot of us.
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  11. Hdoc

    Maybe he's only half mad?:upeyes:
  12. So... you're a quitter? :dunno:
  13. They can't have mine!!!!!:supergrin:
  14. I saw all of the replies at my post and expected this! I just hate to see what's coming down the pipe! This president has no respect for the constitution at all and is willing to destroy it for his cause! At this time I see no push back from the law abiding citizen's! As far as physically fighting for our cause they have all of the tec and power and we are left with the rest! I'm 60 year's old and can only do so much! As far as the cap's on my word's it's just a habit! And I am not a troll!
  15. Hdoc

    But my computer lost it's "." key! So I must use an exclamation point to end all sentences! Cause everything I say requires it! Please help me!
  16. Arc Angel

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    I always carry a gun. Sometimes other people will see or feel it. (The huggy types!) I've had fellow church members tell me that the antichrist isn't going to be able to safely appear for as long as most men (the general citizenry) continue to own lots and lots of guns. One woman even pointed out to me that when the antichrist is grievously wounded it is done - not with a gun, but - with a sword! (She's right! Look it up in Scripture.)

    Will President Obama do everything he possibly can to take away our guns during his final term? You can bank on it, Brother! You can bank on it. The problem is that good ol'e Mitt ain't going to be much better. If you've been paying attention, you can see what's, 'in the wind' from what is happening in the Zimmerman/Martin incident and the incredible social hysteria that has been whipped up by the lying national news media and the political, 'vultures' who follow these events around.

    A few years ago the media lies were a lot more slick; and the political pretenses for public disarmament were, 'sugar coated' with rhetoric like; 'We're going to stop the terrorists!' or, 'It's for the good of the school children.' Today, however, the gun grabbing media and politicians are so overconfident that they're not even telling good lies anymore! Both high ranking government officials, and prominent news agencies get caught telling outright public lies and twisting the truth; and what happens? They shrug their shoulders, laugh, and go back to business as usual. There is neither fear of, nor respect for, the American general public.

    Not to overlook the obvious, but ....... Would YOU want to be Black in America and legally disarmed - Would you? (I wouldn't!) Might be OK for: Al Sharpton, (Who presently has one knife wound in his body.) or Jesse Jackson, or Diane Feinstein. I mean, why not! ALL of them have numerous heavily armed bodyguards; but, regardless or either race or nationality, it sure as heck ain't going to be good for any of the ordinary everyday people like you and me.
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  17. Jerry

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    All the more reason to keep your guns.

    That’s because they haven't started knocking on doors. I was in and out of New Orleans during Katrina. The people that made it know that they were wiling to fight were left alone. The JBT prayed on little old ladies and the ignorant.

    Funny how with all their “Tec” and "power" we still haven won the war in the Middle East. Do you think “We The People" are any less resourceful. And I’m willing to be some of that tec stuff ends up in the right hands.

    So am I! Which brings me to one of my favorite quotes.


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