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I'm a computard....what's a PC express slot?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by justinhcannon, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. What is it, what's it do? Do I need one? I'm looking at a Toshiba Satellite A135-S4487 Notebook Computer, and it says that it doesn't have one. But it has a 1-Type II PC Card Slot. WTF does that mean?
  2. og556


    May 17, 2007
    Northern Va.
    Good choice on the Toshiba, nice laptops. I think your laptops type II card slot is your express slot. You do not have a traditional PCI express slot like desktops have though so the cards are out of the question. What are you trying to connect ?

  3. I, um...have no idea. I was just looking at one. I found one for for a good price, and I knew they are a good brand. I just didn't know what all that stuff meant. What do I use it for, anyway?
  4. og556


    May 17, 2007
    Northern Va.
    Well you use the card slot for such things as TV tuners, aftermarket sound cards, various aftermarket things but nothing as common as an external hard drive which uses USB or something. What are you planning on using the laptop for ? What do you want it to be able to do for you ?
  5. jc_conn

    jc_conn C is for cookie

    Nov 18, 2004
    Houston, Texas
    Newer laptops feature a slot called an ExpressCard slot; older laptops generally had a slot known as a Type I/II/III PCMCIA card slot. While dimensionally similar, they are not compatible technologies.

  6. I'm a net junkie, for one. Also, I like games but I'm not rabid about them. I'm also gonna be going back to school again, this time on the VA's tab. My fiance's laptop is 1024MB/80GB...the Toshiba is 2048MB/220GB. I figure bigger is better. I'd also like to get it just so I'm not hoggin her computer all the time.
  7. og556


    May 17, 2007
    Northern Va.
    I would recommend any thing with a Core 2 Duo, at least a gig of ram, a decent graphics processing unit and something you are comfortable with in size.
  8. mitchshrader

    mitchshrader Deceased

    Jun 14, 2005
    the drive is the weak spot, you can and will put the world on 220 gigs, and then when the drive dies you are crippled and demented for weeks.

    that 220 gig drive must be regarded as TEMPORARY STORAGE. it WILL DIE. not IF, when. and when you want it to least, when it's FULL.

    that's a good laptop, no offense intended, but drives die. they will, and laptop drives faster than desktop drives, generally speaking.

    none of the new big desktop drives has been in service long enough to have a reputation, they change models too quickly. a year, two, it's obsolete anyway, if it dies you just buy another laptop..

    so do NOT treat it like it's going to be working tomorrow, it may not be. from day one, use hardcopy for storage. OWN a BUNCH of DVD's, and BURN BACKUPS.. brush your teeth & burn your backup. if you don't start from the beginning you won't do it. you were told. free, even.
  9. og556


    May 17, 2007
    Northern Va.
    I agree with the above post but one difference... Buy a decent Seagate backup external hard drive with one touch back-up. Before you buy do you mind posting up some specs here so we could give a little input ?
  10. The slot used to be called PCM/CIA slot. One can use it for various things like a Modem, network card, extra USB ports, extra firewire ports, wireless network card, and many more devices. With today's laptops are being equipped with all the formerly extra devices and ports not many things will be needing that slot.

    A PC express slot is an enhanced PCI card slot for the newer video cards and it has all but replaced the AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) and PCI video devices.
  11. The Express Card slot is an expansion port for external devices and is the newer than the PC Card Slot. With USB 2.0 it's not really needed for much if the laptop has built in wifi. It is faster than USB 2.0 but not a big deal for external devices. You can use either to upgrade the wireless network card if the standards change. It's sort of like the the very first USB slots that came only on laptops and there were no USB devices made at the time. I remember when nobody knew why the laptops had that slot in them. Firewire is what many video camera's use might be added to the Slot if the laptop doesn't already have Firewire. Both PC Card and Express Slots are to add external devices and they come out with new ones to sell people new laptops and new external devices. They are suppose to get faster and faster but most things you use in them don't require more speed.
  12. Specs:

    Processor Type : Core™2 Duo Processor Number : T5500 Processor Speed : 1.66GHz
    Operating System
    Genuine Windows Vista™ Home Premium (32-bit)
    Memory Size
    Display Size
    15.4" widescreen
    Display Type
    Widescreen XGA with TruBrite® Technology
    Display Resolution
    Graphics Engine
    Graphics Media Accelerator 950
    Graphics Memory
    8MB-256MB dynamically allocated shared graphics memory
    Hard Drive Size
    220GB: 100GB HDD+120GB HDD
    Hard Drive Speed
    Optical Drives
    DVD-SuperMulti drive (+/-R double layer) supporting up to 11 fomats
    Wireless LAN
    Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG (802.11a/b/g)

    Also Includes
    No Bluetooth (No Antenna), 85 key US keyboard, Hot Key Functions, CD/DVD Buttons, Application Launch Button, TouchPad pointing device, Windows Key Function , Finger Print Reader, Security Cable Lock Slot, Password Security, Hot Key Security , Modem , 10/100/1000 , harman/kardon® stereo speakers, Microphone jack (mono), Built-in microphone, Headphone jack (stereo) , 75W (19V 3.95A) Auto-sensing, 100-240V / 50-60Hz input , Li-Ion (4000mAh) , 1-Type II PC Card Slot , No PC Express Slot , 5-in-1 Bridge Media Adapter , 4-USB (2.0) , i.LINK™ IEEE-1394 , TV-out (S Video) , Microsoft Works, TOSHIBA Speech System, InterVideo® WinDVD® 8, TOSHIBA ConfigFree®, TOSHIBA Disc Creator, TOSHIBA Game Console , Starting at 6.0 lbs. , Onyx Blue Metallic , 1-Yr Parts and Labor, 1-Year Battery

    Whats the most I should pay for this?
  13. Oh that's the dual hard drive Toshiba. I almost bought of those. I'm not sure what the current price is. If get it with just one hard drive it doesn't have the connectors for a second but with two hard drives that are easy to swap out with their own panels. There is also a memory access panel but 2GB should be plenty.
  14. og556


    May 17, 2007
    Northern Va.
    I know specs on computers and I'll tell you what that looks like a good build but the only thing it is lacking is a decent graphics card for gaming. If this is not a concern then that looks like a great work and internet browsing machine.