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Discussion in 'Illinois Glockers' Club' started by hddave, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. jpa


    I used to live in Chicago right by Midway airport. Now I'm in the far sw 1400 miles southwest in Las Vegas. Not missing the snow and politics at all but it's fun watching the conservatives here try to "out conservative" each other. :)

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  2. CrookCounty

    CrookCounty Trolling Noob

    I am happy to say my Chicago Permit came in today only after waiting 9 days. Now all I have to finish register it and pay my $15 fee and I no longer have to worry about jail time when I Bring my glock into city limits. Sure it was expensive and a lot of hoops to jump through but I would rather pay the $215 in fees than spend time in jail!!!

  3. Congrats on having the patience to put up with all the beaurocratic BS !

    Jes gotta love living in the "Demokratik People's Workers Republik of ILL"

    Oh yeah, a shooting bud just emailed me a pic of his new WI CCW permit. had to rub it in...

  4. CrookCounty

    CrookCounty Trolling Noob

    You should go out with him and take it from his wallet and BURN IT!!!!! Doesn't it so close to the WI border and you can't get that same's like living on the border of mexico and not being able to find decent Taco!!!
  5. I've done worse already....since I'd be grandfathered in by WI statute(there are several ways) I've threatned to move in with his family. And EAT !!!
    But then he's threatned to sell me his gunsmithing business, complete with his moron customer list !
    Yeah, he's a good shooting bud & hunting companion.

  6. Greetings All.

    I'm in the city, Logan Square. Just got my FOID, eager for carry law...someday soon, I hope. G30, G17RTF2, Beretta PX4 Storm SubCompact(.40). Glad to meet y'all.
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  7. CrookCounty

    CrookCounty Trolling Noob

    Ahh not to far from me I am in Edgewater :wavey:
  8. Is there anyone in the northern suburbs(niles, skokie, etc) that would want to meet and go shooting at a range?
  9. CrookCounty

    CrookCounty Trolling Noob

    I am just east of there (on the lake 3 miles south of evanston)and shoot at Midwest guns in Lyons il
  10. when are you available? I'm free on weekends and Mornings till like 12:30-1.
  11. CrookCounty

    CrookCounty Trolling Noob

    Shoot a couple times a month on Sunday mornings at midwest guns...will let you know new time i am heading out
  12. CrookCounty

    CrookCounty Trolling Noob

    Well I finally did it...I jumped through all the hoops and it is now over.

    Started my handgun registration on December 5th 2011 and today I got my approved registration in the mail.

    Started Dec 5th when I sent in my FOID application, that took until 12/24/2011 to get back to me.

    Went for my Chicago Firearms training on Jan 3rd and submitted my application for Chicago Permit on Jan 5th.

    I got the Chicago Firearms permit back on Jan 13th and I submitted my Chicago Gun registration application on Jan 17th

    Got the Approved gun registration today in the mail Jan 25 2012.

    So from having no FOID card to getting fully approved and registered in the city of Chicago it took a total of 51 days including holidays and non-business days.

    I know these are a lot of hoops to jump through but I wanted to be completely legal to bring my Glock to my house in Chicago and not have to worry if I am ever stopped. Jumping through hoops is better than going to jail.

    SO...51 much did it cost?

    Firearms Class-$115
    Chicago Permit Fee-$100
    Gun Registration Fee-$15
    Gas-about $20
    Time-about 8 hours total (So at my salary roughly $280)

    So not including my time I spent $260 to get a handgun legal in Chicago.

    Lets see...$260 vs 3 years in jail (Lost wages around $210,000 plus maybe $20K in court lets say $230,000 plus lost time with family, friends and dog. Plus having a criminal records.

    YEP...I will never regret getting my Chicago Permit no matter what anyone inside or outside of IL says what a scam it is....the law is the law...DEAL WITH IT.

    I am now a 100% legal Glock owner living in the city limits of Chicago, IL

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  13. Not bad. Have you thought about moving OUT of Chi. to get lower taxes in a different Co.?
    Not posed as a smartarse question, but a serious one. Lots of the outlying co's. are a lower tax rate. But you would need to figure in commuting costs.(I assume you work in ChiTown).
    Glad to hear that you've completed the acrobatics necessary to be legal.:whistling:

    uncle albert
  14. 4TS&W


    Tell me more about this HP shooting center..
  15. HP Shooting Center is the only indoor range in McHenry Co. at this time. Older range, poor lighting, almost adequate ventelation, as long as nobody's using reloads with Unique !
    50', manual target carriers, friendly owner & staff, decent selection for sale & a good assortment of rental guns. 1st & 3rd Thur. local USPSA club shoots.
    Closed on Mon.
  16. CrookCounty

    CrookCounty Trolling Noob

    Have I ever thought of it...yes...who hasn't. Is it Just the way life is right, roll with it until I can move and once that happens...never look back
  17. Erno

    Erno The Rookie

    I'm from Naperville and a gun neophyte. I have a Glock 23 Gen 4 and love it! Shoot mostly at Rink's in Lockport because of the price. Guys have been very helpful and friendly. Cold, poorly lit, and poor ventilation but it feels like home. :cool: Mega Sports in Plainfield is the Taj Mahal of ranges. Carpeted floors, great ventilation, electronic targets and the staff is awesome as well. But it is expensive. I shot at Midwest in Lyons once and it is in between the the other two in both atmosphere and cost. People weren't as nice but maybe I caught them on a bad day. Waiting on my Utah CCW permit. I travel quite a bit so I'm good in Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc. (not Michigan though). I took the gun class not because I had to but because I wanted to. I went to the Tactical Security Institute class for the Utah CCW. I am also going to do the basic pistol class as well as home defense. I can't get enough of this. :wavey:
  18. Check out Article II in Lombard. It's just east of I355 on 64 (North Ave.). I picked up a 10 pack of range passes for $125, but I think they are up to $150 now. The good is range time is unlimited, the bad is you need to call first and reserve your time because they are always busy.

    If you do have to wait, ask to check out the simulator. It's in a separate room next to the waiting area by the range. Honestly, it was almost more fun than being on the range (and free).
  19. Erno

    Erno The Rookie

    Thanks! I'll check it out.
  20. volsbear

    volsbear IWannaBeSedated
    Lifetime Member

    Rinks is good people. That's where I shoot if I shoot inside. The owner actually participates in the cause too.

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