Illinois conceal carry gets House bill HB0997

Discussion in 'Gun-Control Issues' started by flw, Jan 29, 2013.

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    Illinois is under a Federal court order to get conceal carry going in less than 180 days. For those in Illinois, there is now a House bill HB0997 that calls for just that.

    For detail see

    Its never too early to send a email to all our State Reps and ask for there support even if they won't give it. It still lets them know your watching.......

    To contact your Il. Reps by just using your zip code go to

    Put your zip code in and click on "Write all your State Reps at once" "Click Here" link.

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  4. Looks good! Even has protection to OC! I can see Chicago have a major cow - look for major push back from the thugs there! I didn't notice preemption though?:supergrin:
  5. ICARRY2

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    Yep, preemtion is in there. :)
  6. sixgun2

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    Would you be as so kind to define preeemption.
  7. sixgun2
    Thats where state law pre-empts local ordanaces, cities can't say no to carry! Big deal cause Chicago would say no in a heartbeat!
  8. janice6

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    :milestone:Hope for you guys...
  9. Awesome! As a nonresident living in Lake County I'm very happy to see this. Not only does it mean my Utah resident and Virginia nonresident permits will be honored, but I can also get an Illinois permit. That's a huge win for me in every way.

    I'm very happy to see the law require the State Police to issue the permit within 30 days of the application being submitted. Many years ago jurisdictions in Virginia were deliberately stalling on using permits. The problem wasn't solved until the courts made it state law that permits be issued within 45 days.
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  10. Now to work on New York and Commiefornia.
  11. I am happy to FINALLY see this happening! I dont agree with them limiting the exemption for traning being limited to combat arms MOSs. I trained more cooks, admin clerks, and mechanics to be patrol veterans with thousands of hours of trigger time. But hey, at least we are getting a CCW!!!!!!
  12. On the other side of that, my wife has been in the Navy for over 4 years and has zero weapons training. I've tried to help her, but she gets too scared by a hand guns. Rifles and shotguns are a different story, but she's only held them unloaded. Her job? Pediatric Nurse. This makes her very deployable. Based on this, I think it should be a case by case consideration. Just because you're military doesn't mean you should be handed a CWP. Those military not covered in the law should take the course and pass the live fire test too.

    Fyi, I'm prior Marine Infantry. I'm getting the permit and taking the live fire test. It's a large silhouette target at close range. If somebody can't put 21 of 30 rounds in the black I certainly wouldn't want them handling a gun.
  13. Military for over 25 years and still serving and I can attest. Most folks think because you're military or LE that you're a weapons expert. That couldn't be further from the truth. I work with some great Americans but their weapons skills, or lack thereof is scary. My uncle is a retired state trooper and he did the bare minimums when he was active to qualify with his assigned weapon. A close friend is DEA and a former Army Ranger and didn't particularly like guns. I used to threaten to report him to his boss, jokingly, for not carrying his off duty weapon when we were out. He just wasn't a 'gun guy'. He treated it as more of an annoyance. Not saying any of this is wrong but it's just a reality.
  14. "zero weapons training" in four years? No basic training? No OCS? No re-qualifications?
  15. countsk
    Yep your obviously not taking the weapons training seriously! Hopefully you'll never be deployed any where you may be shot at! :faint: It's your responsibility to be not only profiecient with the arms you may be deployed with but with any weapon you may need! It's called the Manual of Arms for a reason! And it doesn't matter which services your in! It's your duty to be compotent in firearms! :steamed: Being a desk jocky doesn't exempt you!:faint:
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  16. None whatsoever. She's direct commission, so no OCS. She went to ODS. No requalifications because she's never been qualified. She just went to C4 where they had her disassemble and reassemble an M16, but no training beyond that.

    Unless the Geneva Convention says so.
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  17. 40 cosponsors so far. Let the voting begin already. Illinois needs concealed carry now.
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  19. 47 out of 102 representatives in the House support this bill. I hope it doesn't get butchered in the hearings and on the floor. This bill is good and needs to be passed as is.
  20. domin8ss
    Well I know the military probably doesn't enforce it now a days! But being from a family with military service I was taught from a very early age to get very proficient in arms! But I know most folks that serve today and alot of LEO's feel that being proficient in arms is not a job requirement. Those are the folks that die very quickly in wars and on the street when the ****s hits the fan! Seen it, been there! So be a good father - teach your daughter NOW before she gets her arse shot off!:steamed: As we see everyday in conflict we're in now no where is safe, there are no front lines! :faint:
  21. Thanks. Just a few corrections to be made.

    1) I don't have a daughter. We are talking about my wife.

    2) She is finally giving in to my rhetoric. Her birthday is next month. She is taking an NRA first steps class that will include live fire training with a .22.

    3) The sound of the pump action on my Remington 870 puts a smile on her face.

    4) She finally touched an M16. It was only disassembly and reassembly, but it made her want to get her 9mm quals, hence #2.

    Progress is finally being made.

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