Igold 2012

Discussion in 'Illinois Glockers' Club' started by 4TS&W, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. 4TS&W


    Anybody going?


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  2. About 8,000 or so. Are you going? This year's IGOLD will be the biggest by far. We hope to get upwards of 10,000! As a Director of the Illinois State Rifle Association we are encouraging everyone who has attended in the past to come again and bring two additional friends or family. The hardworking supporters of the 2nd Amendment, are insisting that our legislators vote yes on HB148 this year and take the proud law abiding citizens of Illinois off the list as the last non-CCW state in the union. I hope to see you and everyone else on March 7th in Springfield. We must show the liberal anti-gun legislators that we are a force not to be taken lightly, and we're not ever going to stop fighting for our 2nd Amendment rights!

  3. 4TS&W


    I've been 4 times, this will be my 5th.

    I'm wondering if anyone in the NW burbs wants to carpool to save gas..

    The busses leave too early, get back too late, and are not very local usually.

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  4. If I can get off work, I'd love to go. I'm Arlington Heights...
  5. I went to IGOLD this year for the first time. Went by bus from Gander Mountain in Joliet. $25 - cheaper than the price of gas I would have burned. Had a good time. Above all else I hope the strong turn out at IGOLD helped, at least a little bit, to open the eyes of our IL politicos. I definitely will go to IGOLD again in 2013, God willing.
  6. 4TS&W


    Hopefully soon there will be some changes so we can stop going...

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