If you use a stock barrel, do you reload your brass?

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by alank2, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    If you use a stock barrel, do you reload your brass?

    I tried a few what I thought were 30K or lower pressure loads, and the result was 18 out of 20 cases so balooned that resizing them gives a sharp crease where the sizing die stops. I also had a pretty hefty gouge in the case rim.



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  3. TDC20

    I absolutely reload brass fired from the stock G20 barrel and have never had a problem like you describe. I'm assuming that the brass you're resizing isn't glock smiled, right?

    What dies are you using? I usually use a Redding carbide die, but I have also used the Lee carbide die, and I haven't had this issue. Ever.

    Try measuring your fired case head diameter just above the extraction groove before resizing. For Starline brass, that will measure .422" before firing, and after one of firing a full power load should still measure less than .424" Resizing won't reduce that diameter unless you run the brass through a pass-thru resizer. If it's bigger than .424" after one firing, then you might be getting excessive pressure with that load, and that would make sense that you are getting a ridge after resizing.

  4. Hi,

    I would say they might have been on the edge of wanting to smile. Of the 18 that creased when resized, they range from 0.422 to 0.424 with only one being 0.425. New cases are 0.421. Starline nickel. I am using Redding pro series carbide. Could the sizing die be too small?

    It is sizing them to 0.4165 to 0.417...


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  5. Hi,

    I moved your reply from the other thread to this one...

    Here is what they look like after resizing.



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  6. I reload my brass I shoot out of my stock G20 and G29 barrels. All my hotter loads get bulged down by the head and using my Dillon sizer, after sizing the bulge is quite noticable, although no definitive line is there like in your picture. I think mine has no definitive line mainly because the mouth of my die is radiused, so the transition to the bulge is less dramatic.

    I lube my cases with Hornaday One Shot as well, seems to help with sizing of the most bulged brass.

    BTW, my KKM barrel's chamber down by the head is not a great deal tighter than my stock barrel, if at all, so I seem to get about the same amount of bulge.

    I also get extractor rash on some of my hottest loads, mainly on my G20 (less so on my G29). The extractor rash doesn't seem to affect loading or feeding in subsequent cycles.

    I only load my nuke loads in virgin Starline brass, all the reloads are lighter (i.e. say, 180gr @ 1225fps, etc.).
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  7. That would scare me too! My dies size down to the same spot, but don't leave a big step like that. Is it really several thou thick? On mine i can just barely feel the line with a fingernail.
  8. Yes is do! It is all specific to the particular glock firearm. On my 6th, and 3, bulged brass so bad, I would not reload it. The other 3 you would think have match grade chambers. The newest of the 3 with loose chambers was a G20SF 3rd Gen, and it was the worst! Threw the brass away immediately. Like I said it varies from firearm to firearm.
  9. Hi,

    Wow, that is disappointing. I guess mine is a loose chamber. I took the barrel off and put a new starline case (before resizing) in it and there is a ton of room around the case. I was really hoping to use the factory barrel. I suppose this means that I can, but only if I don't reload brass shot from it...


  10. nickE10mm

    nickE10mm F.S.F.O.S.

    I use both stock and aftermarket and yes I reload the cases! Never seen anything with a crease like you're resizing die is apparently doing. Wow!
  11. Hi Guys,

    When you resize a case, what does it resize to? I was measuring in about the middle of the case. Mine is 0.4165" to 0.417"...

    Do you guys think the nickel makes this worse?


  12. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    Yes. I do. Thousands of times. An average of 9 loads through Starline brass. The crease that you are seeing appears to be brass that has been bulldozed by a very square resizing die. That is not normal. I would suspect it might be a function of the shape or the die rather than the Glock chamber. It is sort of hard to tell from the photos. My RCBS carbide die is rounded, so it doe not leave a line such as the one you posted.

    Nickel has more friction on the die, so it is possibly pushing brass in front of it rather than gliding over it. The only time I have seen brass do that is after running some smiled cases through the sizer just to see what would happen.

    I would first look at the interior of the die to see that it has a curved transition to he sizer ring. My next look would be to ensure that your loads are not hotter than you think they are.
  13. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    Do you mean 0.434"? After firing a hot load?
  14. SPIN2010

    SPIN2010 Searching ...

    I would be checking the die ... something is amiss. Do you have a new Starline Nickel case about? Resize it, measure it, and see if it does the same. I use Dillon dies but ... should be pretty same-same.
  15. Here is a photo of one of mine after sizing in my Dillon sizing die. The dimension prior to sizing at the widest part of the bulge is .434".

  16. Hi,

    Unsized new starline nickel = 0.421"
    Sized new starline nickel = 0.4165" to where the sizer stops.

    The die in question does look weird. The carbide isn't shiny, and actually looks quite pitted under magnification so I'm thinking there is something wrong with the die. I'm going to contact Redding.

    If anyone here would size a new 10mm case and tell me what it sizes to, I'd love to see what someone else's number is.


  17. Hi,

    Also, I can faintly see the line when I sized a new case. Could this be a press alignment issue? I'm using a 550. I always lower the die all the way, bring it up 1/4 turn, put a case in it to align it, and then tighten the die ring....


  18. New brass sized or unsized it measures .421" where the sizing die ends.
  19. Hi,

    What does it measure in the middle when sized?


  20. .418" from the case mouth to where the sizer ends with the die mouth a paper's width off the shellplate. Appears to be about .003" of neck tension.

    On the faint line, I get that as well where the sizer ends on a new case. I always size new cases.
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  21. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    The answer is to try the redding GRX "Pass-Thru" or the LEE FCD as a "Pass-Thru die", LEE also sells the Bulge Buster kit. I use the LEE FCD with the guts removed as a "Pass-Thru die". This has reconditiond brass to fit the Cartridge Gauge without any sharp edges. The "SMILE" condition brass can NOT be reconditioned period!

    Many of my cases do reach 0.434" in my G-29 barrel with full power loadings, they look like new when passed thru sized by the carbide sizing ring in the LEE FCD.

    You might want to give it a try to see if things improve for you! :)

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