If you had to get rid of all you handguns except one...

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by IndianaMatt, May 27, 2012.

  1. Brian Lee

    Brian Lee Drop those nuts

    Not sure which one I'd keep, but I'd get rid of the Glock first.

    But bear in mind I don't own any Kel Tec's or Taurus's.

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  2. CJStudent

    CJStudent Fenced In

    Eff it---I'm cheating. My Glock 23 AND my Ruger Security Six. Try to take one of 'em. Try it.

  3. Glock 27.....I don't have or have had another pistol that could do more....and it is more concealable than most. Best mix of firepower, carry-ability, reliability and accuracy. There are better in each individual category, but I think it has the best mix.

    In my opinion.
  4. It would be between my LCP and my CZ75 P01. The P01 is so a better gun, way more capacity and great accuracy but the LCP is with me so much more than any of my guns and is also very dependable and accurate. I guess I would have to choose the P01.
  5. My G23. I can use the stock 13 round mags and 15 rd G22 mags. It is easy enough to conceal, big enough to shoot well and has good capacity. It is also fun to shoot at the range.
    Anything in that size that handles a serious caliber is a great compromise. If I owned a G19 or Sig P228/P229, I would feel the same way about those.
  6. My Dan Wesson model 15. I've grown rather attached to it,and it's what I'm good with. But considering it's one of only 2 handguns I currently own since another was stolen, one's on loan, and I sold the other last year, it's not that hard of a choice. I'd probably still choose it over most of my planned future purchases though.
  7. I'd keep my Bersa Thunder .380 and the Ruger SR9c

    Keep just one, who you kidding?
  8. If this question is restricted to centerfires, I'd keep my long barreled S&W 500 Mag. Loads from powderpuffs that are more potent by far than a .45ACP to monsters. Don't CCW enough to limit myself to the short barreled .357 I use for that.

    Couldn't do without a good .22LR plinking pistol, in my case a slightly accurized Ruger .22/45. Don
  9. HKLovingIT

    HKLovingIT Resident Evil

    One huh. Well for practical purposes it will have to be the G26.

    If it was purely sentimental the G17.

    Yeah I snuck in another. :crying:
  10. Def my Beretta 92fs. I love that pistol.
  11. It would have to be my S & W 629 4". You can just do so much with it.
  12. I am not counting my sentimental near perfect condition S&W 39-2 in this. So it would be a coin toss between my good ole Gen 4 Glock 19, or my CZ Customs fully customized CZ 85 Combat Stainless 9mm. I honestly don't know which one it would be!
  13. Dalton Wayne

    Dalton Wayne Epic mustache
    Millennium Member

    My S&W 442 no lock
  14. Stevekozak

    Stevekozak Returning video

    That would be hard. It would come down between my Kimber full size and my SW 66. It would be hard to let go of that 1911, and I shoot it so well, but the 66 would share ammo with my .357 carbine, which might make it a better choice. If I were getting to keep my rifles as well, I guess the SW 66, if not, then I am keeping the 1911.
  15. What if you only had one? Would you not get another?
  16. M&P Shooter

    M&P Shooter Metal Member

    My S&W 1006 10mm:cool:
  17. Probably would have to go with my M&P 9. Although I really would not want to give up my SR 1911.
  18. Man what a downer...just one gun...really?

    G17 for me because it's a completly reliable tool that will do what it's supposed to and if I happen to lose it I wouldn't cry too much
  19. I would have to be in the situation to truly know.
    Will the 1 handgun be used for everything? If yes, G20
    Can I still have my AR, AK, Ruger 10/22, Rem 870/700, bows/crossbows etc? If yes, G27
  20. Now that I think of it if money wasn't an issue and ammo wasn't scarce I'd stick with my P220... 45acp!

    The P228 is a super close second.

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