If you could only choose one Glock, which would it be?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Police305, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. I'd choose to carry a Gen 4 G19.

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  3. G23 anyday

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  4. G19 if no conversion is part of the deal. G23 if it's allowed :supergrin:
  5. Bruce M

    If I only could have one Glock it would be the G26 as that's the one I carry the most. If I only had one handgun the Glock 19 would be high on the list of possibles.
  6. My new 30 Gen 4
  7. G20, hands down, Truly, the do it all Glock!
  8. JBnTX

    JBnTX Texas

    Glock 21.
  9. My Twin G-19's.
  10. 26.
    My favorite!
  11. G 22 ! Sj 40
  12. Right now I'd say my 34. But I am really enjoying my G22 Gen2 with 9mm storm lake barrel.
  13. I REALLY like my 21, but if I could only have one, it would be the 17.
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  14. G 20 for me!!
  15. .40cal is effective ...180gr, 165gr, 155gr, etc.


    10+ rounds in .40 w/more available in G23 and G22 mags

    Converts easily to .357sig and 9mm.

    Carries concealed in armpit, bellyband, IWB, OWB, and ankle.
  16. 23 for me, I think its the perfect size gun for most uses and it does everything well. if I ever had to rely on FMJ bullets the .40 would be a size I would be comfortable with. the added versatility of both 9mm and 357sig conversion barrels would be a real plus if ammo became scarce.
  17. Not much of a Glock fan, got 2. G34 Gen 4 which I love and a G21 Gen 3 which is "Reliable", 13+1 and that's about it.

    Answer: G34
  18. HEXE9

    HEXE9 Shootin' Fool

    G21SF hands down.
  19. I would keep my G22. Lots of fire power, and the full size are a descent all around package.

    On a side note, I was in Afghanistan last year working with a German Lt Col who was a pistol shooter. In Germany people can only own 2 hand guns. He had a Sig 226 and a 1911.
  20. G23, the do all Glock. Compact, 13+1, concealable, .40 S&W

    Can be 9mm/.40/.357


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