If You Could Move to the Most Gun Friendly State,What Would it Be?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by 6801car, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Forgetting weather,politics,etc. Of course,it may be your own. :cool:

    Things to consider:Open Carry legal,shall issue,vehicle carry,area carry such as State Parks, National Forest,Wildlife Management Areas,Must Notify Officer that you're carrying (10 states),MG and Suppressors legal,OL areas, must notify property owner (4 states) and much more. See:

    See www.handgunlaw.us.


    4 permitless carry states (AK,AZ,VT,WY (for WY residents only for CC),many states like Washington require no training.
    Arkansas may become the 5th permitless carry state, depending on a interpretation of the AR AG's ruling.

    I first asked this question in November,2008. Much has changed in 5 years. Arizona,Texas and Montana led the field at that time.


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  3. Problem is, most of these states have otherwise very questionable living conditions. Texas and Wyoming have brutal weather, Alaska has no sun, Arizona has too much.

    Open carry is pointless if you can't go outside...

  4. I personally have no issues with the laws down here in Louisiana.... It can get pretty hot in the summers, but good thing it doesnt snow....
  5. There is no perfect state. Each state has something wrong wrt to gun laws. So you must weigh what is important to you and then decide.
  6. Ak on the coastal areas isn't that bad in the winter. Tx in the upper panhandle like Amarillo isn't that bad in the summer because the humidity is low. Az isn't bad in the summer if youre in the northern area. I guess Vt. has brutal winters if youre comparing them to Miami in January, otherwise its just snow.
  7. I suspect there would be a number of states I'd be happy in considering the gun laws.

    Since I'm pretty satisfied with the Texas laws I think I'll just stay here. :)

    I wouldn't mind us getting open carry though.....just because.
  8. If I couldn't live in Texas... I'd probably flee to Utah.
  9. I'm damn happy stayin here in Kansas.
  10. I would move back to Arizona. I liked it there when I was younger but Phoenix is just a HUGE mess now. I would probably live in Prescott or Payson if I were to move back.
  11. The_Gun_Guru

    The_Gun_Guru Ban Democrats!!

    I was born in and STILL live in the best gun friendly state.....


    Too many Cubans but hey, you gotta take the good with the bad, right?:wavey:


  12. What he said.

  13. There's no sun in AK? Did this happen sometime between sun down and now today? Because I wore my sunglasses driving to class.
  14. I would move back to New Mexico ( I may when I retire, again). NM is usually left out because it's a "Blue" state, but it has always been a very gun friendly state and has great weather. Sunshine 300+ days a year and not near as hot as the Phoenix area. For now I live in Arizona and if you live in the northern half the weather is great. The Phoenix metro area sucks, too many people and too hot most of the year.
  15. It rarely gets above 90 or below zero in my part of Wyoming. What's the problem with that? Anyway, if climate is more important than freedom, . . . .
  16. Pennsylvania has not been bad at all.
  17. It's apparently not bad at all considering all the deals you find!!

    I'm still waiting on you to find Eva Mendes in a dumpster and your carpet pic of her!!

  18. Wyoming will be my home someday, chances are I'll be a refugee by then.
  19. Texas was my first thought......lived there before.

    Utah sounds good too.

  20. Oregon gun laws are great.

    If you have a CHL you can carry anywhere aside from Federal Property.

    Business owners can specify no guns but even if you get caught they can just ask you to leave. It's a trespassing thing, not a firearms violation.

    You can also own anything you want.
  21. BINGO! Weathers not bad either. Only problem California transplants lol.

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