If you can't kill it with a 9mm, you need a rifle

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Andy W, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. They're all pretty anemic in the grand scheme of things, and is there any adult's that can't "handle" a 10mm..? I do believe it to be a fine cartridge that surpasses the other big 3, It's really not that much gun outside of an argument...

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  2. I do love the .45 ACP round.

    However, the real undisputed king of manstoppers at close range is 12 guage 00 buckshot. Well, I guess there is also the Barrett but if you're engaging a threat with one of those, especially at the ranges they are intended for, you're gonna have some 'splainin' to do

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  3. It's hard to beat a .45 +P loaded with 230gr HP pill at 950fps.
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    Fixed. Welcome to Glocktalk.

  5. Most LE carry what hey're issued. The guys who make the and not gunfighters decisions are generally bean counters (and very few LE are gunfighters ither) the .40 is helped along GREATLY because of it's tie to the FBI and the fact that Glock all but throws G-22s at LEAs helping the bean counters balance the budget.

    Not knocking the .40 (I am wearing a CZ P-06 right now) but stop and look at the numbers. IF the .40 was "so good" because the bullet is bigger in diameter and usually a little heavier, than the 9mm despite the lower velocity then the .45 acp has to be much better than the .40 by the same yardstick.

    A lot of things go into the choices that lead to what an LEO is issued. Few of them should impress a civillian.
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    Trust me on this one! :whistling:
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    Maybe I wasn't clear, I don't want to get shot at by even a .22LR, I am a whoose when it comes to such things. :wow:
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    One of the best in a handgun but certainly not the king, even in a handgun. Maybe when comparing the 9mm, .40S&W and .45 ACP it could be considered the best of the three.

    I still say the .357 Mag with a 4" barrel loaded with a 125 grain JHP loaded to 1,450 fps has a good bit of a edge over the .45 ACP and just about everything else in the handgun world that you are likely to tote with you on a daily basis.

    (That ought to piss some people off! :rofl:)
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    Set that off inside your house some night, and I hope you actually get that "one shot stop", because you'll be blind and deaf for several minutes afterwards.
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    I carry a G17 that launches 115gr JHPs at 1400 FPS. And it is true, if I can't resolve a gun battle with 34 of these rounds, then I'll get my Mossberg M500 12ga and use OOO buck, which is like shooting 8 nine-millimeter slugs at once at 1350 FPS.
  11. But if you haven't resolved the battle after 34 rounds, do you think you will still be able to get to your M500 even if they were only shooting .22s at you?

  12. Everyone is! Don't want to get shot with a broadhead, either!:shocked:
  13. uz2bUSMC

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    Except...the 10mm.
  14. uz2bUSMC

    uz2bUSMC 10mm defender

    Now, when you say "whoose", do you mean "wuss"? This is important.
  15. No it's not! :upeyes: You knew what he meant! That's how they spell it in the north!:supergrin:
  16. You better be going for your Mossberg before you've expended all 34 rounds. I'd say if you're getting close to having to reload your G17, then you need to either retreat or go for the shotgun. But obviously as a civilian retreat wasn't the best option in the first place or you wouldn't be in a gun fight at all.
  17. I think that flw came about as close to the heart of the matter as anyone... "On pistols only, you choose that largest caliber you can accurately shoot. If it a 22 then that's it, Doesn't matter what caliber you almost hit the target with."

    I really don't now how many of you have every had to actually pull your pistols to defend yourself either here in the States or in the military over-seas, but if you have you understand just how fast "things go down". You don't have time to truly utilize your expensive sights & lights, you have about 1 or if you lucky 2 seconds to pull and shoot! That's the truth.

    Rather than be concerned about what you use, spend more of your time & money being damn good and what you have. If it's a 380 or 45-70, you'll most likely get 1 shot, so be proficient enough to make it count!

    Well... that's my 2 cents FWIW.
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    You are right, of course. If I have to go to my second mag, it is time to get my shotgun. BUT, I am an expert shot under stress (1990 Second Chance Combat Shoot Champion), and I would have to be faced by 12 or more assailants to need more than 17 9mm shots.
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    I wonder about what the plural form of "whoose" would be. Wheese? Whice? Whooses?
  20. SCmasterblaster

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    Whose (?) :cool:

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