If you bought an AIM AR57 $79 lower you might want to check it

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by humanguerrilla, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Some of the lowers are out of spec preventing assembly. You might want to check them if you were putting it up for a future build or before you get to far into one. Mine looks alright mated but I'm waiting on a lpk and will try it with just pins no detents next week.



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  2. Thanks for posting the heads up. Seems like these kinda of issues are popping up more and more frequently lately, across multiple companies.

  3. No problem. Mine was out of spec. Aim says out of 700 they had when they found out about the issue 70 were out of spec. Kudos to Aimsurplus for checking 700 lowers before they shipped to save customers grief. I don't think many companies would do that.
    I jinxed myself evidently and now will have a $20 paperweight/ trigger adjustment cutaway project. The new lower hopefully is on the way. Dealing with ar57 has been painless so far. Nice folks.

    With the front pin in, the rear doesn't mate up and it is impossible to put the rear pin in.

    Which is very irritating because the lower seems to match up nicely just looking at it. The lower has a nice rollmark, design, and it's clean without forge flash or marks.

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  4. superdoc

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    spoke to AIM yesterday, they have the mfgr looking at them, and will be getting more that have been checked out soon to fill orders.
  5. I received my lower about the same time you did and I have the exact same problems. The buffer tube is not straight and no upper will lock into place. I have been calling AR57 for three days with no response. I know they are busy, but hell so am I. If I cannot get them to respond by the middle of next week, which will be a full 7 days, I guess I will have to bad mouth them on every forum I am associated with and call the BBB. To me there is just no excuse for this type of poor quality control.
  6. PM sent.

    I received my replacement, finally finished my build, and I'm satisfied.
  7. Good to them for doing the right thing.

    I guess ramping up production to full scale will lead to these types of things.
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    Wow that's crazy how they don't line up. You think their QC would have noticed this.
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    Every manufacturer in the world will make mistakes. This is the most insane time they have ever been through, give them a chance to make it right and you will save yourself a lot of additional aggravation. Sounds like they are doing the right thing. It is disappointing, but 3 days is not much in this time of year-long back orders.


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