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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by RDW, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. Pros - Cons from those that use it?!

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  2. Ask me again in five years or so, I'm still using IE6, WinXP and Office 97.

  3. wow same here, the few windows VMs I have are all XP with Ie6, no word tho. I have a mac for that.
  4. I think ie8 is slow then firefox so i m using firefox.
  5. I've been using it on XP and Vista since it was available to download.

    Pros- Nothing really LOL it has a neat little feature that will offer to restore your previous browsing session when it hangs up and has to close. Funny IE6never had that "new and improved" feature because it doesn't hang like IE8 will sometimes. Its got a "Favorites Bar" that takes up some space in addition to a favorites button LOL. Its got an "in-private" browsing option that allows you to surf secretly LOL. Edited to add:
    On the flipside in my experience it IS a little faster than IE7.

    Like I said, it really isn't that great, I would gladly go back to IE6 in a heartbeat. I don't even like the IE7 that they cram down our throats in the updates.
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  6. im using it right now and have not really found anything great about it. Prolly does not help thou i caused it to crash within 3 minutes of starting it, lol. Who would have thought me opening too many tabs too fast would cause it to stop responding. I do it the same speed in chrome and have no problems. Im gona play with it a little more, but right now i think im gona stick with chrome until there is a real wow factor to make me change
  7. IE8 works pretty darned good. I personally like to use Chrome because of the security of it.
  8. Not to hijack this thread but I'm also interested in hearing more about Chrome, as I'm hearing it's faster too. Thoughts???
  9. 98% of malware infections come from IE and you guys still use it? Come on, that's like getting a hooker in Tijuana and not using a condom.
  10. Probably won't effect you, but we have a few web apps at the office that do not seem to work with ie8. Unfortunately I don't have any more details than that.
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    i like the wild side you need to try it :whistling:
  12. Yes, you could use a condom (a nonconformist browser with fewer known vulnerabilities). Or you could stay away from hookers (pr0n websites and "click here to see dancing hamsters" e-mails). The last time my computer was infected without my knowledge was around 1997 (One Half virus). Does your "condom browser" have a better track record?

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