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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by CaptainXL, May 11, 2012.

  1. I've been wanting a G34 for a while and finally went out and bought one today. Now I need to come up with a good load for it.

    I've been loading 9mm's for plinking out of a G26 and an XDM9 but am not sure how my loads will run in a Gen4 G34. I've got one load with True Blue that the XMD9 likes and one load with Unique that the G26 likes.

    What is your pet IDPA load for a G34? What is your pet plinking (practice) load for a G34?

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  3. I shoot the exact same ammo for any practice and 'plinking' (of which I do none). I could never figure out why folks 'practice' with one round, and shoot matches or match-practices with another. Even before I reloaded, my philosophy was the same.

    At any rate, the load I use for IDPA, Steel, and GSSF is the same:
    3.6 gr VV N320, behind
    147 MG CMJ
    OAL ~1.131
    Federal SPP
    Crimp (with new Starline) ~.3775

    Out of a G17 (and I also shoot my G34 for IDPA) this load runs ~905 fps. for a PF of ~133.

    These loads are accurate out to 75 yds (not feet), so are obviously fine for the max IDPA distance of 35 yds.

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  4. njl


    Whatever you're shooting in your G26 should run just fine in the G34...with a bunch more FPS due to the longer barrel.
  5. shotgunred

    shotgunred reloading nut

    tightgroup 4.1gr with a 124g 1.130 OAL chronos at 1110 and is the standard for IDPA 9mm.

    I have read were people were having issues with mouse fart loads with 4 gen glocks.
  6. Hoser

    Hoser Ninja

    4.0 TG
    124 JHP
    1.135 OAL
    Mixed Brass
    Federal Primers
  7. Boxerglocker

    Boxerglocker Jacks #1 Fan

    Ditto! :supergrin:
  8. freakshow10mm

    freakshow10mm 10mm Advocate

    147gr FMJ
    4.0gr WSF
    1.125 OAL
    134 PF
  9. 3.8grs. WST w/147gr. bullet, 1.150" OAL.
  10. njl


    I just loaded some PD 147gr fmj and fmj-tc like that last night. I expect just a little more than 900 fps.

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  11. I recently loaded and shot a bunch of loads for USPSA production, using PD 124gr JHP's with WSF, WST & Titegroup. Side by side, there was no considerable difference in accuracy, but the WSF loads' recoil impulse felt the best to me. Then I shot all 3 loads at a match for a couple stages each, and again the WSF was the winner for me. I had previously been shooting 147gr Berry's over 3.5gr Titegroup, but I'll be sticking with the 124's from now on.
  12. njl


    WSF is by far the slowest of the above mentioned powders. I'm kind of surprised you'd get the least felt recoil from WSF unless they were all to different velocity/PFs. Had you chrono'd all the different loads?
  13. I know, it surprised the crap out of me too. It wasn't necessarily the least felt recoil, but the recoil impulse itself. It's still only 9 Minor, so felt recoil isn't drastically different anyway. The TG/WST seemed to have a little more snap, and the WSF seemed to have more push (which you would expect from a fast vs slower powder comparison). I guess I just like the push better. I didn't get a chance to chrono them before the match, but they should all be around 135pf. I have a 2yr old and a 11mo old, so I'm lucky I had time to shoot the match. I'm hoping to chrono a ton of different loads soon though. I was shooting 4.1gr TG, 4.8gr WST & 5.1gr WSF. I REALLY wanted to like the WST load, because I have 4# of it, and I'd like to be able to shoot lead/moly without TG-like smoke. I can shoot lead/moly with WSF too, so that worked out anyway. It works out even better because I also REALLY like WSF in 40 & 45.


    The deciding factor for which load fit me best, was shooting each load during a match. The 5.1gr WSF load (which could probably drop down to 4.7-4.9gr and still meet PF) didn't feel night and day better at the range. However, during the match, I liked the recoil impulse better, tracked the sights better & scored better compared to the TG/WST loads. I even mixed in my 147gr Berrys/3.5gr TG load for a stage, and I still just don't dig the heavier bullets for 9 Minor. This was all in my GEN 4 G17.

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  14. They chrono 940fps, give or take, from a 4-5" barrel.
  15. shotgunred

    shotgunred reloading nut

    For me.

    Three years ago it was power pistol.
    Two years ago it was win 231
    Last year it was tightgroup.
    Right now I am working up loads with WSF, WST, and WIN 231. trying to decide what it is going to be this year. I like to set a good feel for the powder I am using before I move on to try another one. Right now I am impressed with the accuracy of WSF. It may end up being my IDPA load for the year.

    I personally feel that power pistol and WIN 231 are more accurate than tightgroup.
  16. 1008 fps is all that's necessary for a 124gr 9mm. Of course you'll want to go a little over that to make sure you don't stray below, but that seems a little excessive...

    Mine: 124gr MG JHP, 1.085 COL, 3.6gr BE with a CCI 400 primer. Does 1025-1050 fps out of my gen4 g17. Chrono results show about 20 fps faster from a 34. It's plenty hot to cycle a gen4 reliably.

    My buddies Gen3 34s like this load too.
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  17. Boxerglocker

    Boxerglocker Jacks #1 Fan

    It isn't just cycling... Try running 1008 fps with a stock Glock weak hand only and get back to us.... Dave Sevigney runs 940 fps with 147 grain AA loads... 138 Pf take that s a hint :upeyes:
    Ask you buddy to group that 1008 fps load out to 25 then 50 yards.... that will tell you the truth.
    My 135 Pf Bear Creek moly load will group 2 inches off sand bags at 50 yards out of both my Spartan 9mm and G34... will yours?
    BTW, my 3 random loads chronographed officially at Washington State IDPA Championships at 1019, 1020, 1020... the consensus at state last year was known to be generous.
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  18. I don't run my 147s quite that hot - about 905 out of a G17. No problems with weak-hand-only cycling on either of my stock Glocks; G17 or G34. Maybe Sevigney wants that little extra so he's assured he isn't doing clearing drills in the middle of a match.
  19. JWG_34

    JWG_34 TeamCarverMount

    HAve you ever tried VV340 in 9mm? My 9mm load was using VV330,but since It is impossible to find,I am thinking of going with either VV320 or 340. Whats your imput?


  20. Why is VV330 impossible to find? Powder Valley has it in stock. At $32/lb, it is certainly expensive.

    It's that $27.50 HazMat fee that is the problem. You need to buy enough powder and primers to spread out the fee.

  21. JWG_34

    JWG_34 TeamCarverMount

    When did you last check, I check a week ago and they were out!

    Disregard that I just checked and now they show it in stock!
    My bad!

    Altohugh,Fnding it closer to me would be better
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