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Idle WI. hunting land

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by Rockdiver, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. Rockdiver


    Jan 7, 2007
    I recently found out that my 2 brothers and I have acess to our grandmothers 88 acres in Sawyer county Wisconson. She has this land set aside for us, and we had no idea it even existed until a few months ago. We are planning a trip up there for April ( we have a cottage about 10 mi away) and I was wondering if anyone could tell me who I would have to contact to get the GPS coordinates or Plat survey.....Sawyer county land management....a private survey far as she knows no-one from my family had been there for the last 25 years or so, until my uncle went last year to scout it out. He could find no perimeter markings of any kind and did not have any modern equipment(gps) just a compas and an old rough sketch drawn on a 1970's topo map of the area. He said the 1 neighbor would not talk to him when he went over to introduce himself and inquire about property lines. He saw several tree stands and feed dispensers on the property and is convinced that we will be in danger if we go up there during hunting season....thoughts???
  2. My thoughts,

    Pay to have it surveyed and marked. Post a lot of no trespassing signs.

    Sounds like the neighbors have been using it as their own private hunting preserve.

    You might meet some resistance from them.

  3. If you don't live up there, might try the neighbors again or other neighbors. Putting up no trespassing signs will be like putting up targets. The neighbors will keep other people out of your property, as they don't want people hunting their property either. No deer is worth getting shot over. Remember Chai Vang?

    Check with the county clerk for the property boundries. Again, talk to the neighbor. With so much of Wisconsin real estate being bought by "outsiders", its tough to blame the neighbors for being non receptive. Just what somebody wants is other people coming up and shooting every deer that walks by. Maybe the neighbors are practicing QDM and are afraid of you shooting spikes.

    Just last year I had the "new" neighbors build a stand on the property line. They drove their truck to the stand and parked underneath it. About 8 AM, they got cold and built a fire. They wouldn't stop walking around the entire day. I couldn't do anything as they were on their property.

    Anyway, good luck.
    Tom Crist
  4. freakshow10mm

    freakshow10mm 10mm Advocate

    County clerk has maps of properties on them.
  5. Rockdiver


    Jan 7, 2007
    Thank You for your replies, I contacted the Sawyer County office and was told they could send me a small land plat survey card with topo info of my land, and gave me the # of a mapping service in Rockford that will give me the GPS info for my 4 corners. They were very polite and accomadating. I really am hoping that I will be able to work something out as far as being hospitable to my neighbors up there, I really do not mind if they are using it for hunting....and even if I did care there would not be much I could do about it. What I'm actually hoping for is to work out a system of communications where I could have a number to call the 1 or 2 weekends a year I am planning to use the property, just so that adequate safety precautions will be taken and we will be aware of each other. When I discussed this with my uncle he just laughed and said I'd be lucky if they did't just fire a few shots in my general direction to scare us off. It was quite disconcerting to see a similar story posted here. Some people have issues!! Of the four people traveling up there with me, 2 are active LE down here, and we all have had tactical longarms training. Although our primary goal was to mark the property perimeters and establish a small 100 yard sight in range, after hearing about such incedents we have decided to bring along our .223 & 7.62x39 "Plinkers" as well. Don't get me wrong...... no one in the group has any ambitions toward playing rambo or throwing anyone off the property, and my first response in the above situation would be to call local LE and let them deal with it, But I'll be damned if I'm giong to let some beered up local shoot at me and my family for spite!! You guys don't really think this kind of behavior is commonplace for unnoccupied idle land in upper WI, is it?
  6. freakshow10mm

    freakshow10mm 10mm Advocate

    You never know. I was born in Oshkosh, lived in Milwaukee, and Green Bay. Wild stuff has happened there. Commonplace? Probably not. Don't let your guard down.
  7. rfb45colt

    rfb45colt safe-cracker

    Mar 1, 2002
    WI's Northwoods
    No it's not. I'm about 75 miles ENE of Sawyer County. Most everyone I know up here is very respectful of each other's property rights. It's your land and you're not the trespasser (it sounds like your neighbor has gotten used to being one, though). IMO, you're being way too nice, and worried way too much about hurting the neighboring trespasser's feelings. No need to be rude or obnoxious, but it is your property and not the neighbor's, so you need to assert yourself in a calm but firm manner. If the neighbor gives you any grief, don't get in a shouting match or confrontation... just calmly call the local sheriff's dept, and explain the situation. They'll go out and have a nice polite talk with the neighbor. If the neighbor is a real butthole about this situation, that's his problem.

    I recommend you buy a Sawyer County plat book. One should be available at the county clerk's office. They show the rough legal boundaries and owner of record of all the land in the county. They normally cost about $20.

    It sounds like your land is forested woodland. If your grandmother enrolled this land in a state forest crop law land program (which can save a bundle on property taxes, so she may have done so) it's therefore, by law, open to all public hunting. If it is enrolled, the plat book will show this by "coloring" your parcel in green, with the initials "FCL" under the owner's name. But building of any permanent tree stands without the owner's written permission would still be illegal.

    BTW... you said in the original post that, besides tree stands, there were several "feed dispensers" on the property. If those "feed dispensers" are the automated mechanical type that spread grain on a timer, and they're used for the purpose of feeding wildlife and not domestic livestock, then they are highly illegal in WI!! If they're on your land, you have every legal right to have them confiscated and removed by DNR wardens (and you should ASAP, as knowingly leaving them there on your property makes you just as culpable as the one who put them there).
  8. fwiw:

    Well 88acres is not big nor small but you could make this work out for you and your neighbors.

    If all of your neighbors on all side combine their property and shared use and management you could have alot more than 88acres.

    That's how my family works out in their smaller area off the CO river. They have a meer 40acres and pockets of other land not worth time and effort, but they shared their 40acres with their next door neighbors and now we have about close to 200acres available to all, still small by all means but better than the 40 acres we had before the share.

    So if you have a good realtionship with your neighors, you don't disturb and respect each other property, then you could make that 88acres become an potential of being much much more.