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Ideal Defense for a Philippine Rural Setting

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by nitrox920, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. nitrox920


    Nov 23, 2006
    over under
    What's an ideal Defense plan when one is located in a rural countryside setting in the Philippines.

    Area is located 10-15 km from the nearest town. 2-3 kms of rough road before one reaches the house. Nearest neighbor is my employee that is 500 meters away. the house is 300 meters away from a major river and 3 km.from the sea.
    a 6ft perimer fence sorrounds the bungalow. Stay duration 3 night nights of the week with my wife, 4yrs old kid and his yaya. converted the bathroom into a panic room. sealed it with concrete. Cellphone signal is okay. If anything happens at night I expect police assistance to arrived the next morning.

    1. What would be an ideal firearms to have? How many should one have? How many ammo would be enough?

    2. Whats your thought on this due to the COMELEC GUN BAN. Do I Leave the firearms in the farmhouse and risk it from being stolen or bring it back to the city and risk the checkpoint?
  2. TTPower


    Aug 2, 2006
    cguro if i were in ur place i would leave a shotgun in the panic room and a box of ammo. earmuffs na rin hahaha :) and bring a handgun with me all the time preferably hi-cap :laughabove: regarding the gunban.... apply ka na ng excemption hehehehe

  3. mikey177

    mikey177 Remember

    Jan 28, 2003
    What potential threats do you think you'll go up against? Communist or Muslim rebels? Armed bandits? Akyat bahay gang?
  4. Valor1

    Valor1 Pro Paingiver

    Jul 6, 2003
    Urban areas

    1) get a high capacity howitzer tank
    2) employ a private army with an assortment of MP5s, Ak47s, and Ar15s.

    kung talagang titirahin ka sa countryside, hirap magdepensa kahit sampu pa kao sa bahay na armed and dangerous.

    kapag nalaman pa nila na marami kayong baril baka "kumpiskahin" pa yan ng mga Nice People Around at maging mitsa pa ng buhay nyo yan.

    best is train everyone in your house on how to shoot and how to react on certain situations.

    you know how the gun ban goes, kung malakas loob mo e di go ahead and carry guns with you.
  5. revo


    Apr 27, 2003
    nitrox, I hate to disappoint you but as the more recent experience in Iraq has shown, there is no ideal armed defense to an insurgency.

    If the Nice People Around plan to get you because they hate you, they will. They have the dubious honor of being the oldest continuing insurgency on the planet. Even the Americans know this and they don't even bother.

    You should assume that your residence is not defensible and develop a safety plan based on that.

    You should think 'counter-insurgency' and plan along those lines. Your best defense is your relationships to the local people and is determined by whether they hate you or they love you.

    Guns are useless pieces of metal, really. Somebody has to hate you enough to pull th trigger or have somebody else do so.
  6. nitrox920


    Nov 23, 2006
    over under
    well titi power... your right! i forgot all about the earmuff. thanks :) :agree:

    mikey177 - most probable an NPA and armed bandit. few years ago. In the early 90's my father was visited by 30 fully armed NPA's. they went inside the the farm and took our truck. We found the truck dump and abandon in a canal 30 kms away from our place.

    Valor1-I'm considering your 2nd option. Set up my own security force and attached it with the govt CVO program (civilian Volunteer Org)

    Any firearms in mine the quantity and the kinds?
  7. chowchow


    Jan 15, 2007
    Dapat at least 2 shotguns at handgun plus lots of ammo ang kailangan . Trained your wife and kids. Lots of dogs outside for immediate warning so makaresponse kaagad. Text kaagad for help pag malaman ninyo may masamang kasama.
  8. HEAVY

    HEAVY "Verify!"

    May 31, 2006
    i would go consult some expert on this (like maybe bien of soe) but just thinking about it here's what i would probably plan for.

    a rifle, m4, m16 or m1 carbine with a bandolier-full of hicap mags. that's my first defensive gun, with a hicap sidearm and at least 2 mags on your waist all the time, maybe a hicap 1911 .45, or a glock 17.

    a shotgun ( or 2 if your wife can handle 1) in the panic room, a bagfull of ammo to go with it.

    these two will be employed if the **** really hits the fan.

    the perimeter fence should be sturdy but see-through (so that the force you're against cannot use it for cover). i would put 2, an inner and outer fence, rolls of razor wire. and do something to prevent vehicles from driving through. it might also be good to have windows that can look out to all sides of the property, para walang blind spot that they can exploit.

    big spotlights to light up the property, para wala silang cover of darkness. (the power switch should all be in your bedroom. have the main switchbox installed in your bath/panic room.

    big dogs. rotts, gs, dobes. they will serve as deterrent to burglars and thieves and they will warn you of anyone approaching, enough time to arm yourself and to gather your family into the panic room.

    extra cellphone, chargers, flashlights, med kits, water, food, etc., in the panic room.

    just as important as the defensive/siege scenario is a bug-out plan. what your egress scenario? how do you get the hell outta dodge when i becomes impossible to hold out? have a powerful vehicle quickly accessible and plan a route of escape. (hey, maybe this should be your first option. maybe the panic room should be the garage?)

    that's the doomsday movie playing in my head.

    oh, dont forget body armor for everyone.
  9. Lots of dogs and a couple of "pugakangs" hidden in strategic places will do.
  10. 9MX

    9MX Rei!

    Sep 29, 2003
    gundog and pogi have masahistas in strategic places:animlol:
  11. chowchow


    Jan 15, 2007
    Ang nakakatukot sa atin ay ang kalaban gumagamit ng granada. Yan na hope for the best na lang. Bakbakan mo kaagad .
  12. darwin25

    darwin25 Make your move

    What province are you in Region 6?

    There are 2 main armed groups in Region 6. The NPA and the RPA-ABB. You should know what is the dominant group in your place. Both of them requires differrent handling. RPA-ABB is the more violent group. Ang you should ask some known NPA or RPA-ABB contacts in the barrio to know what is your current standing in those groups. Maging totoo ka sa sarili mo. Basta na lang ba pumasok ang grupong yun at kinuha nag truck nyo or hiniling/hiningi/hiniram yun sa inyo? Baka naman kasi over-reaction lang yan that could worsen your situation. If you create your own security force against those groups and it turned out that those group does not treat you as an enemy, there's no turning back. Talagang itratrato ka na nilang kalaban. Lalo na kung ikakabit mo yun sas CVO. Didn't you know that CVO is the most convenient source of arms for the insurgents? Many CVO has relatives in the NPA and RPA-ABB. Why do you think many CAFGU and military detachments gets raided without firing a single shot?. Its the CVO who supplies intelligence for the NPA and RPA-ABB against the military. At sila ang pinakamalakas magbenta ng issue firearms nila. Man, you should know more about how these things work. Hindi pwedeng puro tapang at galit ang pinaiiral. And if you are going to set up your own security force, make sure you are going to exceed the firepower of your expected "visitors". Otherwise, your security force will just be a target for disarmament. Remember you are dealing with battle hardened insurgents. Hindi pwedeng sekyu lang ang kukunin mo dyan. Can you afford 20 security men and above + weapons? These people can swoop down on your security force 5 times that number. They will spend months planning how to raid your compound. Believe me they will get your guns. Trust me, I spent 7 years dealing with these situations. I know how to deal with these people.

    I agree 100% with revo.
  13. s0nny_g17


    Jan 19, 2006
    Quezon Province
    1. bring a knife hidden somewhere in your body

    2. lagyan mo kuryente ibabaw fence mo. delikado sa bata pero mataas naman fence mo so i guess hinde na un maaabot ng anak mo

    3. security camera sa gate w/ microphone para alam mo kung may tao sa labas bahay mo and kung ano pinag-uusapan nila

    4. make friends or just talk to them. karaniwan ay gusto lang nun magpakilala and siempre manghingi syo ng revolutionary tax pero kung malaki u can make excuses. 1000/year is ok + kapag meron ka nakaaway pwede mo ipatira sa kanila

    5.. land mines sa tabi ng bakod. hehehe
  14. revo


    Apr 27, 2003
    Tactics defeat equipment everytime.

    Well said, Darwin25.
  15. darwin25

    darwin25 Make your move

    If you present yourself as a target, you will be. Keep a low profile man. Marami din cases na yung mga CVO/Cafgu joins the NPA bringing their issue weapons with them.

    In Morong, Bataan in 1995. A whole detachment of CAFGU joined the NPA bringing along with them all their issue weapons and equipment.
  16. isuzu


    Jul 3, 2005
    North America
    I think what you need aside from guns is presence of mind and a plan on what to do in case a scenario happens.

    There was a young sugar farmer in our province who was attacked by at least 50 rebels during the mid-80's. He was armed with an M-1 carbine and had only two 30-round mags, although he had lots of loose ammo that he kept in a bag. He had his deaf-mute sister reload the mag whenever one was empty. There was also an electric fence surrounding his house.

    Some of the rebels were able to breach the electric fence, and he was able to hit (and probably kill), at least 10 rebels. He spared the life of a young rebel (about 14 years old) that he had on his sights. He just shot the ground causing the rebel to drop his rifle and flee. His sister was hit in the buttocks during the firefight. Nevertheless, no rebel was able to enter his house. The rebels withdrew after they found out that they were at the losing end.

    They survived, but he suffered what we now call Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  17. darwin25

    darwin25 Make your move

    No offense to Bien, but before I would hire a security expert, I'll hire a PR person muna or ask a respected local close to the NPA or RPA-ABB to help me settle my dispute with these groups. If you are reasonable, these groups can also be reasonable. But if you dont set aside your prejudices, then dont bother. Of course if you already treat these groups as your enemy, them go ahead but I dont think any security expert will be able to help you.
  18. kontra


    Nov 7, 2006
    be friends with the nice people around your area. no harm in doing this and less thing to worry about. a friend's father bought a farmland in a remote barrio in cavite, the first month, he introduced himself to his neighbors and the brangay tanod. when he bought a generator set, he gave one electricity (good enough for a light bulb) to his neighbors.

    another is in batangas, once a month he gives drinks and pulutan to his neighbors and every fiesta he gives a few thousand pesos to the barrio for the celebration.

    both of them didn't grow up in that province. never encountered any problems. to think that both of these areas are infested by the nice people around. the military even acknowledge the presence of this nice people. pr matters a lot, specially in the province.
  19. revo


    Apr 27, 2003
    Damn...after so many years away from Pinas, it's still a war zone in some places.
  20. Nitrox... Kung NPA ang kalaban mo, i'd suggest that u leave that place and never come back. It's useless to set up a defensive camp in ur home. Aabangan ka lang nyan sa labas at dun ka titirahin. Damay pa pamilya for sure. As a lot of the guys mentioned, di naman masasamang tao mga NPA and they wouldnt harm you for no reason at all.

    Kung mga akyat bahay, adok, sira ulo at iba pang criminal ang iniiwasan mo, here's my suggestion:

    Perimeter / outside of your main house:

    1. Raise ur fence to at least 3meters(10ft) if possible 4meters with barb wires (2ft ht) leaning towards ur house. Place an emergency exit door going towards d river (for ur escape plan). Should be made of metal and locked with a big padlock.

    2. Lots of lightings inside and outside of d perimeter.

    3. Surveillance Cameras w/ night mode. (locally available sa malls even in true value... not so expensive)

    4. Dogs... lots of them. Kahit na askal lang basta marunong magingay pag may ibang tao.

    Panic Room:
    1.As for ur panic room, i dont know how u designed it but the doors should be made of metal. Actually any other room w/ concreate walls will do even with wooden doors (as long as solid wooden door).
    2. Make sure u have phones in there (preferably cellphones) para di kayang putulin ang linya. If anything should happen, call someone immediately para alam lang nila ang nangyayari.
    3. Install a mini cam outside of ur panic / bed room's door showing you whats happening outside ur room (preferably hidden). Para alam mo kung may nagaabang sa labas or kung kelan sila susugod sa kwarto mo.

    1. Pump shotgun w/ flashlight (and if possible... laser devise)installed. w/ 1box of ammo. Di mo na mauubos yun! Barricade urself and ur family in d room behind d bed or something u can use as cover. Abangan mo na lang kung may pumasok sa pinto (dats if kung may tiyaga sila gibain pinto mo). Oh by d way, turn ur lights off sa loob ng kwarto. para sila lang ang exposed.

    2. Pistol / Revolver (holstered w/ extra ammo... last resort na yun. I doubt makikipag putukan pa sa yo yung kalaban mo. This is also usefull in case u decided to retreat... Mabigat ang shotgun para bitbitin habang tumatakas. Tatamaan ka lang sa likod!

    3. M16 or any rifle w/ 3 30rounder mags... In cases na nasa labas pa ng perimeter ang kalaban... (unlikely case... kasi baka kasuhan ka pa pag may binaril ka sa labas ng bakod). its just nice to have one... just in case :)

    Plan of escape:
    If possible... iwan ka ng motor boat sa river. Wors scenario na no choice ka but to run away. I think this is ur best chance na di ka mahahabol...

    Hope this helps...
    And i also hope u never have to use my advice... keep safe!