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ICE- InCase of Emergency

Discussion in 'Firefighter/EMS Talk' started by Parmaboy, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. My sister in law recently asked me if I check peoples cell phone for an entry that says ICE ( In Case of Emergency) I had never heard of this before she said somethign to me. The idea is that if you have an emergency contact (spouse, parent, child, w/e) that you put their number under ICE and the hospital/EMS knows who to call. In my experience the few times I have used someones cell phone I just look for a number saved as Home, or Wife. I have never needed to call family because someone was critically injured because I dont have time if they are so bad they cant do it themself. The only time I have looked on the cell phone is so that police could contact family for a DOA.

    So has anyone else run into this ICE on a phone/ used it?

    I think its a nice idea in concept, maybe more useful for the ED.
  2. crazypilot

    crazypilot ERAU Alumni '05

    May 21, 2007
    Las Vegas, NV
    We were told to do that in the military. I have my wife's phone listed as ICE.

  3. DepChief

    DepChief Get Tous's Rope

    Nov 27, 2004
    Outer Banks, NC
    I know some people use this and some counties have programs that promote it. I have not had to use a patients cell phone yet to look for contact information, but there are people that have asked us about it and we tell them it's a good idea. I would look for that entry on a phone if the occasion ever arises.
  4. gruntmedik

    gruntmedik Honk Honk CLM

    Jan 2, 2005
    Taylorsville, KY
    I have ICE and ICE2 on mine. Wife and #1 daughter have it as well.
  5. RyanNREMTP

    RyanNREMTP Inactive/Banned

    Jun 16, 2007
    Waco, Texas
    I don't have it on mine nor I do check the patient's phone for it. It's a good idea but I just don't have the time to check for it.
  6. JJackson


    Oct 2, 2004
    East Tennessee
    I'm an ED RN in East TN.

    ICE is used around these parts. Our ED receives patients from 5 counties, and most of the Medics are at least know about ICE.

    I just wish more of the public could be made aware of ICE.

    We worked a motorcycle fatality a couple of days ago...John Doe initially...checked his cell, but no ICE.

    Most of the EMS and LEO that I personally know and have trained with, are aware of, and utilize, ICE.

    I encourage folks I have contact with to use ICE.

    I worked New Orleans East for several years, & ICE was a common contact source.


  7. I have my parents numbers in my phone as ICE.
  8. Joey

    Joey Millennium Member

    Sep 14, 1999
    Nope, not at all.
  9. minkling


    Nov 8, 2004
    West Michigan
    I have them in mine and have used cell phones to look for patient contact twice. Both Semi drivers that went off of the road. No Ice in their phones but we were able to find a contact.
  10. keith56

    keith56 BAD KARMA

    Jun 17, 2004
    I have WIFE I.C.E. in mine,she has HUSBAND I.C.E. in hers.
  11. DScottHewitt

    DScottHewitt EMT-B

    Jul 4, 2000
    Waynesboro, VA

    Maybe just put ICE. That is what we are looking for. No way is this a slam, BTW. Good to have it in there. But, if I check a cell, I'm looking for "ICE" to stick out. Which is the main concept. Not be hidden inside an entry.....

    Mine has Mom's cell and the house number.

    Hers has my cell, house number, and potential new work number.....

  12. Shrike30

    Shrike30 EMT-B

    Jun 27, 2006
    Seattle, WA, USA
    You could always put ICE Wife and ICE Husband, rather than the other way around.
  13. councilman24


    Jan 25, 2000
    I just can't help it....

    Does she have a non-I.C.E. Husband?:innocent: ;)

    I don't think anybody around here knows about it unless they've heard about it someplace like here.
  14. JMag


    Feb 7, 2001
    USA:Love it or leave!
    I think it (ICE) is superfluous, in most cases. In most every cell you'll have a contact list, address book and/or a recently dialed number list where you should (100% of the time I would bet) be able to locate SOMEONE who would/could provide the necessary info about the individual in question. That would be secondary to the primary goal of getting said person to the nearest facility to further treat/assist that person and could be accomplished while en route to the care facility in a matter of seconds/minutes.