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IAMS Cruelty to Animals

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by jchast, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. jchast

    jchast Draw Yer Gun!

    Sep 23, 2003
    Western PA
    I am not a PETA fan, but I received this email this morning and looked into it and found it to be true... just passing on as info... This is the second lousy thing that IAMS has done...

    For Immediate Release:
    >February 3, 2004
    >Allison Ezell (PETA) 757-622-7382, ext. 1460; 757-943-7452 (cellular)
    >P.J. McKosky 412-370-1998 (cellular)
    >PETA: Customers Mad Over Dog Deaths for a Bowl of Chow
    >Pittsburgh - Wearing striped "prisoner" suits and dog masks and crammed into
    >small cages to illustrate the misery of animals neglected and killed in
    >crude "nutrition" tests, members of PETA will protest cat- and dog-food
    >company Iams:
    > Date: Wednesday, February 4
    >Time: 12 noon-1 p.m.
    > Place: Giant Eagle on Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill
    >A recent PETA undercover investigation revealed deplorable conditions at an
    >Iams contract laboratory. At least 27 dogs were deliberately killed, while
    >others died of illnesses that went untreated. PETA's investigator found the
    > * Dogs and cats confined to small, barren cages, some for up
    >to six years
    >* Dogs' vocal cords surgically cut out so that they couldn't bark
    >* Dogs with untreated ear infections, rotten teeth, and injured paws
    >from having to balance on metal-slatted cages and lie on cold cement
    > * Workers' reports of a live kitten who was washed down a
    >* Terrified, unsocialized animals cowering in their cages
    >* Kennels that were stifling in summer and near-freezing in winter
    >* Dogs being force-fed vegetable oil through tubes inserted down their
    >"We're howling mad that Iams is causing misery and death for dogs and cats
    >while feeding its customers a line of fiction," says Mary Beth Sweetland,
    >senior vice president of PETA's Research & Investigations Department. "Dogs
    >and cats shouldn't be forced to suffer for Iams' profits."
    >Broadcast-quality footage of animals in an Iams contract laboratory is
    >available. For more information, please visit PETA's Web site

    Take is as you will.
  2. Alsatian


    Jan 7, 2004
    I don't agree with the often militant agenda of PETA, but in this case it's important to bring attention to this matter. This is far from mistreatment, it's torture. But I'm sure the company's hierarchy will attempt to justify this as "product development" or "research."

  3. nyredneck

    nyredneck كا&

    Oct 22, 2002
    N43 07.671 W75 17.747
    Not that I don't believe a large corporation would do such things (cause I do!) but let us not forget that PETA has in the past "staged" animal cruelty at different labs to garner support.