I want more flavor choices in 10MM Auto

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by TheGrimReaper, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. The 10mm won't gain any ground in popularity until another popular poly frame auto is offered up. A FNX or XD/M in 10mm would be a real game changer. When most choices hover around a grand or more, you're not likely to find most LGS's with an assortment of 10mm.

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  2. 427


    EAA was supposed to offer the SAR/K2 in 10mm. It would be 17+1. Doesn't seem to be going anywhere, though.

  3. :agree:

    I just don't see it happening any time soon.
  4. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

  5. I think there's a legitimate chance we may see a M&P 10mm one of these days. Outside of that, I have 3 G20 variants so I'm good to go and patiently waiting :wavey:
  6. Travelin' Jack

    Travelin' Jack Misinformed

    I'd love to see an H&K45 in 10mm. H&K10 anyone?
  7. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    Depending on how long you want to wait and how much you want to spend, you can have a GP100 in 10mm. Clements Custom guns will do one for ya.
  8. I would LOVE to see an XDm in 10mm :)
  9. I'm still waiting on a Glock factory long slide 10mm.
  10. I think the FNX45 would be a good candidate for the 10mm. Not so sure about the XD/M and seriously doubt the M&P.
  11. I agree! Love my FNX40, it's my dedicated nightstand pistol. Not many of my pistols have notches but this one has a psycho rabid raccoon and an honery boar hog during '12 turkey season on her. If they don't make a 10mm and I can get a heavier recoil spring, .45 Super will have to do with the FNX 45. The 14 rd. mag should take 16-17 and the 15 rd. an easy 17 10mm rds. I just started shooting 45 Super from my 21 and it's really nice with 230's. Will seek the swine with it before it gets too warm.
  12. It would be cool for sure, but its just not going to happen. :sad:
  13. I know you realize this but for other guy's; the S&W 646 can handle max 357mag level 10mm loads with a steel bored and reamed 6 shot 686 cylinder. I would'nt go crazy but it is a very packable, accurate mid-size revolver. You could just bore a stock 6 shot 686 since 646's are'nt real easy to get.
  14. BTW, a Taurus millenium .40 upper with reamed barrel and Taurus millenium .45 frame and mags would work. They have the same slide cycle length and will fit together and function. 10mm rds. fit and hold in the 45 mags and even feeds and ejects (tried into 45 barrel). Wolff RSA's (up to 23#) fit and function. I just don't have the balls to pull the trigger but it is possible.
  15. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    Dave Clements won't do that though. I asked. Well, he said he wouldn't convert a 686, not sure why, it may have to do with the cylinder stop notches being in line with the chambers and not having enough wall to make it work.
  16. Not a double stack, but the Nighthawk Heinie sure is a shooter.

  17. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    RIA just put out an affordable 1911 10mm.
  18. deadite

    deadite Groovy.

    I like that one a lot.

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  19. It shoots better than the Delta Elite.

    I set up this Mech Tech conversion in 10mm a few years ago. It's minute of hog and fun to shoot.

  20. deadite

    deadite Groovy.

    Its not hard to believe it shoots better than a stock Delta. Cool conversion!

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