I want a S&W 629 .44 magnum

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by DARKSHADOW, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. I got my mint 4" 29-2 a few months ago for $675... A 629 will run around $600...

    Those prices sound pretty high to me...

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    DARKSHADOW My Work Hobby

    $130 - $150 below MSRP. :dunno:

  3. I am referring to used pre-lock guns. .44's are great guns on the used market because many hardly shoot them.

    Just a few months ago a 629 sold for $500 in the classifieds here on GT.
  4. You would be MUCH mbetter off finding a used 29-2 than spending a grand on a 29 with the stupid lock and transfer bar.

    The 29-2 is a better revolver, in my opinion. Its got the recessed cylinders and all.

    DARKSHADOW My Work Hobby

    I went ahead and ordered the model 29 6.5" blued. A 29-10 I believe.
    To be honest, the lock doesn't matter to me, I'm not looking for a collectors piece, I'm just looking for a nice, large, and acurate revolver to put a poop eat'n grin on my face when it goes BANG. :supergrin:
  6. Eric2340

    Eric2340 Infidel :)

    Yeah, buy a used one and let someone else take all the "new car price" on it. :(

    I had the same problem and did just this a few years ago. It was "just for a toy", never really shot it much, showed it off more than anything else, it quickly lost it's appeal. :( Not to mention feeding it was a fortune (note: I do not reload, so YES I do understand you can reload for the beast to cut costs).

    In the end I sold it to a friend who "had to have it!!" too, and more than I did any longer. He's having fun w/ it now last time I check, and I got a new G21SF out of it in the end. :)

    Buy used, have fun with it, but I'll bet in the end you don't keep if it's "just a toy", w/ no real use (hunting).

    They're kind of like getting married, everyone ought to do it once to get it out of their system. :)
  7. Eric2340

    Eric2340 Infidel :)


    $1000.00 ??? Wow, hey OP I've got quite a few "toys" that have lost their luster here, LMK next time you need a new one, I could use the $$$. :)
  8. Eric2340

    Eric2340 Infidel :)

    This was mine, I think I got it off of Gunbroker for like $650 or so AS PICTURED -


    I know I sold it for at least that much to pay for my G21SF too. :)
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    DARKSHADOW My Work Hobby

    The only firearm I own that has lost its luster is my Taurus Raging Bee. Winchester .218 bee ammo 50 round's for $70-$75.

    So 50 round's of Fiocchi 44 magnum 200grs JHP at $30-$35, almost seems like a bargin.

  10. Congrats! :cool:

    What was the price?

    DARKSHADOW My Work Hobby

    Depends on your "toys".

    I've looked into used ones, and people who think their gun is worth 75-80% of what they bought it new for after shooting thousands of rounds through them are on crack. None of my firearms are safe queens, all of them get shot frequently, but only 2-3 of them actually are used as tools. (if that makes any sense)

    I actualy don't mind spending the extra $150-$200 for a new out of the box firearm, as to someones 30 year old, 4,000 rounds fired, beat blued finish revolver, just because it doesn't have a lock. :faint:

    You guys can keep the "collectors items", and I hae no problem with people who do "collect". But all I want to do is shoot. :wavey:

    Psst... Want to buy a Taurus Raging Bee? :supergrin:

    DARKSHADOW My Work Hobby

    He quoted me $999. It was $129 below MSRP, plus I don't have to pay for shipping or any transfer fees.
    Also I like the store I shop at, just the owner and one employee, and I always talk with the owner. Plus it's one of the very few shop's I've been to where I don't get treated like I'm wasting their time.
  13. I have a nickel 29-10.

    Honestly, I like my 29-2 much better, but both are good shooters.

    DARKSHADOW My Work Hobby

    I guess my advantage will be I won't know what I'm missing not owning a 29-2 to begin with. :wavey:
  15. Very true :)

    DARKSHADOW My Work Hobby

    I picked up my model 29 today. :supergrin:


    Looks like it may have been a counter model with the amount of paw prints, and very minor cycling wear on the cylinder from people finger bang'n it. But I'm ok with it. And I was shocked to see it came with a display case, along with the blue plastic case.

    I already ordered a hogue grip, and a Warne weaver base in gloss black. I should have the grip by next thursday, just in time for shoot'n on my friday off. Also I plan on getting a Buris Fast Fire III for it after Christmas, or maybe with my tax return.
    I'll post more pic's as it comes along

    Thanks for all the replies and gun pron everybody. :wavey:
  17. Very nice Darkshadow, congrats!
  18. Very nice

    Yeah, my 29-10 also came in a display case.
  19. I would love to have this version! Would look great next to my 4" 686!
  20. Clutch Cargo

    Clutch Cargo Amsterdam Haze

    My 329PD cost that plus tax.

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