I think my 21 has proven its durability

Discussion in 'Valuable Info' started by bigbore, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. Glock's are fugly weapons that go bang when the trigger is pulled. A fact that cannot be argued. However there are also some other facts: there have been more AD's accidental discharges with Glock then there ever has been with a 1911. Even the Austrian military for whom the pistol was designed for does not carry a Glock, they use a Sig. The new Homeland security firearm tests which Sig and S&W were a part of, found malfunctions of the Glock pistol in their testing. And a man who fired his Glock 17 underwater in his swimming pool has gone deaf in one ear and lost sight in one eye because of the gun blowing up form water obstructing the bore. Don't believe me, then do a Google search.

    Also any Glock that is subjected to a constant firing of 500 rounds or more in a short period of time, will have to have the trigger mechanism, trigger reset spring, and disconnector replaced as these and other parts will melt and warp due to the extreme heat inside the pistol while firing.

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  2. JBnTX

    JBnTX Texas


    That statement is simply NOT true!

    I've fired my Glock 17 more than 500 rounds in a short period of time and
    nothing melted.

    What do you have against Glocks?

    I've checked your previous posts and most are in this thread and most
    spout stupid nonsense about Glock pistols that's just not true.

  3. La26

    YEA ! ! ! WHAT HE SAID ^^^ :agree::agree:
  4. That's funny, watch the you tube videos of the 1,000 round torture testing and you will see that the guide rod melts and flies out of the pistol at or around 500 rounds. After 1,000 rounds are fired, even the person testing the firearm says that some internal parts will need to be replaced because of the mushy, gritty, and sticking feeling when pulling the trigger. But what do I know I'm only a nobody on here with common sense, and not a fairy tale believer that the Glock is the end all be all of firearms design.

    Yes, it is a simple design. But it has FAILED under extreme circumstances for testing by S.O.C.O.M., S.E.A.L.S., and other special forces units for the military. For example S.E.A.L. Team #6 has just adopted the HK 45C as their sidearm. The Marines for some of their special ops use a 1911, frame made by Caspian, and the F.B.I. H.R.T. uses the Springfield Professional 1911. I don't know of any elite unit in either the military or law enforcement that uses a Glock. Although the Ohio DR&C has just upgraded their sidearms from S&W 38's to either the Glock 20 or 22 in 40 S&W but the DR&C are about 15 years behind the times equipment wise.

    What I have against Glock's is this. They are a simple design for a firearm that is ugly, but in normal situations is reliable. They are not however, in my eyes perfection. I will take metal, forged, or machined internal parts over polymer, glass filled nylon, or plastic for to hell and back reliability in adverse conditions. Face facts, poly, nylon, and plastic will melt before a metal part will.

    The only internal parts I like about the Glock are the firing pin, made of tool steel and cast, you can see the cast marks. However the firing pin spring is made out of a lower grade of metal compared to other brands. The disconnector is also tool steel, but stamped, and inserts into a polymer holder.
    The flat wound recoil spring is cheap and other companies who have tried using it, have found too many failures with it. The trigger return spring is also of lower quality when compared to some other brands. The barrel is hammer forged, with poly rifling, which is a good thing. But Glock was not the first to adopt this nor to use plastics. H&K were the first to do so during WWII. And when you compare the bore of an H&K USP, P2000 to that of a Glock, both are hammer forged, and both have poly rifling, but the H&K bore looks smoother. And you can shoot lead bullets out of theirs while you cannot with Glock.

    And rapid fire sessions with a Glock of 500 rounds or more within a short time period have melted the firing pin channel liner which had to be replaced. Melted and deformed the NY trigger assembly which had to be replaced. Along with melting the guide rod, and trigger spring, spring cups, trigger mechanism housing with ejector, and spacer sleeve, which all had to be replaced. But to each their own, it is personal preference. What feels good to you and shoots well for you, may not do the same for another. But in my professional opinion, Glock's are nothing more than a Hi-Point on steroids.
  5. JBnTX

    JBnTX Texas


    ...And there it is!

    A Spec Ops Special Forces Operator that has inside information that the
    rest of us don't have.

    Can you "source" some of these failures?
    Especially the melting after 500 rounds part?
  6. Ummm genius, there is NO SEAL team 6...
  7. Guess I'm the only 1 here who is laughing when people are comparing the parts of a $4-500 gun with ones TWICEthat. Oh, I also laughed at the comment about the Austrians not carrying glocks. Perhaps Wvladimire doesn't realize that our gov't & military are equipped with guns by pretty much everybody out there that makes something that suits their needs from Glock to FNH. Don't bother trying to convince Wvladimire gentlemen, haters gon' hate & trolls gon' troll.
    Is Glock the best gun ever made? Nope. Is the OP's Glock an exceptional firearm that I admire? Yup.
  8. Source, youtube video of Glock 1,000 round torture test, search it or are you too lazy?
    No S.E.A.L. team six, the news said they were the ones who took out Bin Laden. Also article in Blue Press magazine June edition and public record search.
    Failures for Glock from Homeland Security testing, public document # B-402339.3

    But it doesn't matter what I source to the failures of this pistol, because you will believe what you want to believe and not believe the shortcomings of this pistol.
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  10. SCSU74

    SCSU74 St. Cloud Proud

    But it has FAILED under extreme circumstances for testing by S.O.C.O.M., S.E.A.L.S.,

    False. Glock had never failed military testing. The youtube video does not follow military testing guidelines. The video shows an idiot firing 1,000 rds non-stop w/ people handing him loaded mags. In military testing you shoot 200 rds., break the gun down clean it, lube it and continue on.

    For example S.E.A.L. Team #6 has just adopted the HK 45C as their sidearm.

    False again. They carry Sig P226R's. Good try though.

    And you can shoot lead bullets out of theirs while you cannot with Glock.

    Because the barrels are rifled differently...

    And rapid fire sessions with a Glock of 500 rounds or more within a short time period have melted the firing pin channel liner which had to be replaced.

    Yet another false statement. Glock responded to this video by adding a chemical to all non-metal parts so that this video can never be duplicated. all new guide rods are stamped with an "I"

    Maybe if you make your post longer next time there will actually be some truth to what you are saying. But until then....
  11. JBnTX

    JBnTX Texas

    Wvladimire, my friend!

    Are you by chance a former poster using the name of kygunsmith or something
    like that?

    Your "approach" at finding fault with any certain firearm sounds strangely
    familiar from other websites?

    If I'm right, You've taken potshots at HK pistols recently and was banned
    for it?

    Who are you?
  12. SCSU74

    SCSU74 St. Cloud Proud

    Probably just a troll that enjoys starting arguments and posting information he read elsewhere on the internet
  13. My point? You didn't say ***** about my entire 1st post, then when I threw that link up after you used that as an escape to not address a thing I pointed out. I did so with respect the 1st time, even though you didn't deserve it.
    Oh, by the way, I certainly did NOT "dig it up". It was right on my facebook homepage! I laughed then c&p it since it was obviously appropriate. If you can't make your point, take constructive criticism, accept when others have a point while still holding onto yours, then this site isn't for you. Troll elsewhere.
  14. I was in error, the Israeli Commando's carry a glock pistol, but not the 21.
  15. For the average day to day person, a Glock or any other gun is going to suit them just fine. I don't know too many of us in civilization that are gonna get caught in extreme sand conditions and need to fire 200 rounds or more.

    Exceptions are the military and police (but besides extreme situations, how man police have had to fire 200 rounds)
  16. No I have not been banned from the H&K forum.
    Nor have I taken potshots at the H&K pistol.
    H&K make the finest handguns on the planet.
    Sig follows second.

    As far as the S.E.A.Ls, you are wrong, just announced
    To the public in Tactical Life, is the whole
    story about them adopting the H&K 45C with
    threaded barrel.

    The you tube video was the 1,000 round torture
    Test, which showed the guide rod melt & fly out
    the front of the gun. And it shows how the
    Trigger gets mushy and gritty after firing
    more than 200 rounds rapidly.

    The public document I listed sows the recent
    tests from Homeland security, that sowed
    the failures of all pistols tested. Flock, was one
    of those pistols with failures.

    But as I said, I can list all sorts of sources
    to the shortcomings of Glock and other pistols.
    But the fanatics will only believe what they
    want to believe, despite the facts.
    Glock is simple design, built on the cheap, and
    marketed very well. Metal, machined parts are
    more durable than plastic or polymer.
  17. This thread is not about S.E.A.L.S. of HK's or any of that non-sense. Its about one man trying to see how much abuse his Glock can take.

    Its pretty sad someone's life is so pathetic they have to come to a Glock forum and tell a bunch of Glock fans how much Glock sucks!

    Lets try and not get this thread locked!
  18. Delta is using the Glock 22 with 165 gr. ammo.

    Triple Canopy, a private security company founded by former Delta guys use the Glock 19.

    The majority of law enforcement organizations use Glocks.

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