I think my 21 has proven its durability

Discussion in 'Valuable Info' started by bigbore, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. BIGBORE mind answering these questions I've asked earlier on this thread?


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  2. CELT

    Great thread.

    I have a HK45 but really don't take it out too much due to the cost of ammo and the fact that it's a $900-$1000 gun and don't want to get it nicked in any way shape or form.

    I'm looking at a G21SF and the FN FNP hard as a primary .45ACP pistol. I already have a G19 so the G21SF is in the lead, plus it's less expensive.

  3. This thread among the others convinced me to go for Glock. Now few thousand rounds trough it it never let me down.
  4. elLOCOmutha

    elLOCOmutha NRA Benefactor

    Yea all these tests are well and good but the real question is....

    Will Dry firing hurt it?!?!:crying:

    Amazing torture tests, can't wait to get my new G30SF and start pampering it.:cool: Thanks to people like you I will never have to do these grueling tests.
  5. I have one of the first series of Glock G21's into the US with an XL serial number. The only issue I had with it was chipping extractors in 1992 (FTE). Got that fixed and have only cleaned it 5 times since then with more than 20,000 rounds thru it mostly lead reloads (yes it will shoot hard lead 200Gr SWC's at 190PF) with no issues and no warranty issues. I am now abusing my G-35 with an after market fully supported chamber barrel at 170PF with 200Gr bullits in USPSA competetion. The reason for the G35 is 19+1 in the gun, the G21 is 15+1. More is better in competetion. I only clean a gun and then take it to the range to shoot it. How do you know your really clean gun will go BANG when you need it after cleaning it and not test firing it???
  6. Curious if there are any recent photos of this gun. This was one of the first tests that inspired me to get a Glock. I would love to see pictures of this thing today.
  7. any recent photos or info?
  8. nothing new, I've been out of ideas for a while.....
  9. I wish I could rate this thread so I could give it a 5 star. Some of the stuff you did made me laugh & shake my head. On a personal note, 1 of my brothers is all about how Glocks aren't all that & he wants a USP, fine, they're great guns & 1 day I actually want 1 myself. I sent him an email saying to take a look at page 1, about half way down when you did the comparison though. lol
  10. I know you haven't done any new tests Big Bore, but could you maybe post a few pictures of the gun as it is today? I have always been intrigued by this.
  11. do you still use the gun?
  12. BOOSTED12A

    BOOSTED12A sequestered!

    let it soak in a river for a few months during the summer, get some barnicles get growing on it.....
  13. glock's are tuffer than rocks. this is proof:wavey:
  14. I just bought a 21SF With TrijiconS! this gives me hope that larry vickers was wrong about the Glock21SF
  15. What did he say about the 21SF?
  16. My understanding is that this is touchy information so take what you will from it and hopefully I won't get in forum trouble for posting it for you. :faint:

  17. Thanks for the info, Clint. It seems he never liked the 21 to begin with. Anyway that's not the point of this thread. Bigbore brutalized his G21sf and it kept running, and that's great.
  18. Reputation? Does reputation mean Larry's opinion. I've never heard of that kind of reputation.. stupid as I am..

    Is it a big surprise that HK performed the best?

    "Larry Vickers has worked with several companies, including Heckler and Koch"

  19. Awesome tests done... only reassures me of my G19 and the next purchase of a G21

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