I think my 21 has proven its durability

Discussion in 'Valuable Info' started by bigbore, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. sigpro-fessor

    sigpro-fessor 5 Times A Day

    Cool, I didnt know you were a fellow Ohioan by the way. :wavey:

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  2. this is a fantastic thread and a great test. I bought my 3rd gen. g21 this last summer. I always new glocks are absolute tools that are built for simplicity and reliability, but this thread really makes me feel that much better about owning a 21. thank you again for the testing.

  3. Welcome back! I wondered where you went!
  4. mike_purdue

    mike_purdue Mikey Mikerton

    As a mechanical engineer that actually uses math and the laws of physics can I ask you to stop using these words?

    You don't know what you're talking about. The laws of physics have names, there are a lot of them. If you are a physicist be specific, if you're not then stop referring to sciences you do not understand.

    If the fact that you cannot argue that laws of mathematics is a fact, then why do mathematicians and physicists and engineers constantly CONSTANTLY argue these things?

    Further, the modern understanding of basic (Newtonian) mechanics that govern things like dropping guns out of planes after they take off from treadmills has been pretty well understood for only about 300 years (he was born in 1643). The universe has been around for somewhere between 2200 and infinity years depending on your religious beliefs, so we haven't really had the time to "iron everything out" yet.

    Anyways, you don't think this guy really did this stuff, or you think that he exaggerated his results. Please leave it at that, and qualify your opinions in a reasonable way, but don't just say "I'm right because of science".

    Stop being a troll.
  5. YES! The 21 has returned!
  6. Thank you bigbore. For coming back and keeping in touch here and for doing this test in the first place.:wavey:

    My 17 year old G21 is still going strong.

  7. Keep up the good work, er goofing off, er "scientific" tests.

    It has been entertaining to follow.

    Disregard the clowns.

    Carry on! :)
  8. Any updates? Any new Videos coming our way?
  9. thanks for all the info!

  10. Wow, that G-21 belongs in a Glock, Inc. display case.
  11. Zapfenstreich

    Zapfenstreich oh, come on!

    Epic thread. Boosts my confidence in Glocks sky-high.
  12. Best of Glocktalk. This is why I joined, the tech, links and tests :rock:
  13. AWESOME!!!

    did it ever fire?
  14. Yay!!! It's back! Nice to see it's still running just fine!
  15. I know it must be hard finding more things to subject it too but I have an idea. I say get a Mack gravel bucket w/ about 20 ton of rock and dump on it. then recover and continue to embarrass other manufacturers.
  16. dne752

    dne752 Mad Catter

    For sale: One "slightly" used Glock. Shows signs of some very minor wear. Pistol has ALWAYS seen the best of care. Trades welcome... must be another Glock!!!!
  17. :rofl: .... hilarious. Bigbore ... you should seriously put that 21 up for sale here on the GT "want ads". You could probably name your price and have people jumping at the chance to buy it ... its like a piece that should be in a museum some day!
  18. some of those shooters scare me, I think a basics refresher is in order for some...

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