I picked up a High Standard Sentinel MK IV revolver :)

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by bac1023, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. I picked this revolver yesterday for under $300 OTD :)

    High Standard is much more well known for their rimfire autos and they even built the 44 Auto Mag for a short time. However, they did build rimfire revolvers as well.

    This model is the Sentinel MK IV, which was a 9-shot steel framed revolver chambered in 22 magnum. I also have a nickel plated Sentinel Deluxe in 22lr. The long rifle models had an aluminum frame and are certainly more common. The MK IV model was only built for a few years in the mid to late 70's, so they aren't something you see every day. In fact, I believe this is the first one I've ever seen in shops around here. A quick glance didn't show any on Gunbroker at the moment either.

    While the grips are a little beat up, the gun itself is in very nice shape. I'd rate it at least 95%. It looks like its been sitting around a long while and could use a good cleaning, but the bore is bright, the bluing is in great shape, and the lock up is very tight. 9 shots of 22 magnum is nothing to sneeze at and this would make a fine little carry gun if so desired. This one has a 3" barrel. By the way, High Standard revolvers have no cylinder release button or lever. You simply pull the ejector towards the muzzle to release the cylinder. I figured to mention that in case you were wondering where the lever was. ;)

    I really like the way this revolver looks, especially the "melted" look around the ejector shroud and the business end. Its an attractive piece, in my opinion. The grips aren't the prettiest (even if they were in great shape), but the ergonomics they have are great. This revolver fits my hand very well.

    Does anyone else have one of these? I'm not sure exactly how many were built, but they don't come up for sale all that often.

    I have some 22mag CCI ammo in my closet and can't wait to shoot this baby. :supergrin:

    As always, please enjoy the pics and share your thoughts on my new revolver.

    Thanks! :cool:



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  2. [​IMG]




  3. CanMan

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    Your pics are taking me on the 'way back' machine. I haven't seen a Sentinel for a looooong time. You scored with this one, it's a beaut!
  4. fnfalman

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    That's a good looking piece. It's a damn shame that many of the old gun makers didn't survive: Merwin & Hulbert, High Standard, and a host of others.
  5. very nice. a lot of gun for the money. I have the turquoise one and someday might find the pink one.
  6. It's certainly a shame, fnfalman. The gun industry isn't what it used to be, sad to say.
  7. fnfalman

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    The smaller joints started dying out by the 1950s. Probably because of Colt and SW's dominance in the police departments that translated into civilian sales.
  8. In the "Old Days" (When the guns were new) they were not uncommon around my area. There were quite a few purchased by men on the grounds that it was better than a .22lr for the lady of the house....."but I could still get some use out of it myself":upeyes::supergrin:

    I knew a couple of folks who had them in "her" nightstand.

    Not the worst choice for a gunshy woman.
  9. Bac, in the 70s I had one with a 2" barrel in .22 LR, it was like shooting blanks, it didn't even hit the paper, yes I knew how to shoot back then. Congrats and good luck shooting it.
  10. That is nice Bac. Like I said last night, I wanted one of those back in the day.

    Well, shoot, I still do, :supergrin: but like you said, I don't believe I've ever seen one, not even "back in the day."

    Congratulations. Good find.
  11. Thanks CB

    I look forward to getting it to the range...
  12. Its accuracy remains to be seen.

    I do shoot my Sentinel Deluxe fairly well. That has a 6" barrel though.
  13. Yeah, pretty much...
  14. WOW!:wow:

    I remember them when they were new. I haven't seen one of those in decades in print or in the flesh. Your right the 22 LR was way more common and you see them around. In fact my father in law gave my wife one many years before she met me. It is in the safe. I replaced it withe a S&W 317 3".

    A lot of the old gun makers are gone but not forgotten because of collectors like you.
  15. Thanks, my friend

    Yes, the long rifle revolvers were produced a lot longer and in greater numbers.
  16. Was the MK IV ever made in 22 LR? I was under the impression it was only in 22 Magnum.

    Just to show off, because it's same thing, I picked up a High-Standard, R-106 a couple of weeks ago. They're really interesting little guns.


    Well, not so little, it's about the size of a K-frame Smith & Wesson, only lighter due to the aluminum frame. I believe Bac's M-IV has a steel frame? How hard is it to pull the cylinder pin out with the shroud around it Brian?

    It's a shame all these companies are gone today. One question we get here all the time is "Who makes a good inexpensive D/A 22 revolver." At one time, they were fairly common, but not so much anymore.
  17. Very nice, my friend

    I remember you picking that up.

    The MK IV was only made in 22mag. I was just referring to the standard Sentinels.

    The cylinder is easy to release. There is space between the shroud and the end of the ejector. Yes, the MK IV has a steel frame, while the long rifle Sentinels have an aluminum frame.
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  18. here's a mediocre pic of mine. obtw, the mk1 was a steel frame lr. [​IMG]
  19. hogship

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    That was a great find, bac........

    I'd be tempted if I saw that........:wavey:

  20. Very nice.



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