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Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by MarkCO, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. MarkCO

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    My company, Carbon Arms, has been at the forefront of development of shotgun loading systems and techniques. We brought out the first US made TWinS load, introduced the Quad load to the US market and have fairly deep support in the 3Gun arena.

    Some videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/markpcolo?feature=mhum

    Anyway, I need some volunteers in these specific areas:

    Active duty LE/MIL who do NOT shoot 3Gun (yet is okay) to evaluate our product in the entry/breaching/SORT environment. I am NOT asking you to put it on the street, but to to T&E in the training realm. 3 Total.

    Bird Hunters again who do not shoot 3Gun. 3 Total.

    I will provide to you one unit set up how you prefer and in exhange, all I ask for is the following back: Test it out extensively. Then report back to me on suitability, adaptability, ergonmics, your honest opinion and ideas.

    If you are interested, please send me a PM.

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  3. I know a few bird hunters who are not into 3 gun...let me know if your interested and I will see if they will test it out.

  4. MarkCO

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    Might be. As long as they are willing to provide regular T&E and report back. I am not looking to send out samples all over, but get some solid feedback from some regular folks.
  5. It being used and reporting their findings wouldn't be a problem. They don't baby their stuff when hunting and if there is a chance of it being broken it would be them. :embarassed:
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  6. PM sent. I am a LEO in NC and would love the chance to test out your product.
  7. MarkCO

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    Thanks, PM replied to.
  8. MarkCO

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    Sounds good
  9. Mark, I'm gonna pass this on to a couple people I know with connections to the local meat eaters.
  10. floorburn_21

    floorburn_21 .40 ftw

    PM sent
  11. PEC-Memphis

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  12. MarkCO

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    I think I have enough. Will respond to all the PMs later today. THANKS ALL!
  13. MarkCO

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    I'll get everyone who sent me PMs updated vis PM this week. Got a little behind.

    Thanks so much to all.
  14. MarkCO

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    I sent out a bunch of product to volunteers today. I picked based on those who seemed enthsuasitc about testing and had the diversity I was looking for.

    Thanks, we will see what they think.
  15. johnjasonchun

    johnjasonchun 911is4victims

    I shoot about 500-1000 rounds per month! That's about 4-8 bricks/month. Each BRICK is 5x25!!! This would be an excellent "DISPLAY TOY" at the Los Angeles Outdoor Shooting Range. The other Skeet shooters would BE ASKING LIKE CRAZY ABOUT THIS. If you send me a kit, I need about 100 cards to give out while shooting at the North Los Angeles Ranges... PS: resume bio at johnjasonchun.com cell, address, resume, bio, balance sheet at that web site!
    I shoot with relatives (guys) at Burro Canyon Shooting park Azusa & 2nd Range is Angeles Shooting Range LLC
    12651 Little Tujunga Canyon Rd, Lake View Terrace, CA 91342

    Get directions
    (818) 899-2255 angelesranges.com
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  16. Boxerglocker

    Boxerglocker Jacks #1 Fan

    I do 3-gun and have 2 of your FSL8's, love them... my home range has the only official Olympic sized skeet range in the PNW. I routinely get asked about my Carbon Arms systems when I practice shooting skeet for upcoming flyer stages at 3-gun matches.
  17. MarkCO

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    Thanks guys. I sent out $600+ worth of product to folks to try out and we will see what happens.
  18. glockman99

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    If you ever have a need for just a regular guy to test out your gear, for a defensive application, I'll volunteer, as I do alot of 12-gauge shotgun combat shooting with my Remington 870.
  19. MarkCO

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    Thanks glockman99. I have two highly repsected SG trainers doing some T&E on some new ideas so I might have a new product or two in prototype sometime this year.
  20. MarkCO

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    So they are out there. Heard back from a few, nothing from a few and one solid review back.
  21. larry_minn

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    Sorry to hear feedback is so sparce. I didn't see it/was not in your "target" group. I have done reviews on some non gun items in past. Folks seemed to like the info, sometimes I saw changes (along lines) of my suggestions. Other times not.
    If you want another person to look it over. I will try it, give you my opinion. I don't have a semi auto shotgun. (If that matters)

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