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I need a 9mm lesson

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by boomhower, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. boomhower


    Feb 14, 2010
    North Carolina
    I've been a sole .40 owner until today. I picked up a Sig P938. Now I need to learn 9mm ammo. For practice ammo it seems 115gr is far an away the most common but when it comes to carry it's all over the dang place. 124gr, 147gr, regular, +p, +P+... It's making my head spin.:wow: Given the size of the gun recoil does need to be taken into consideration. This wil be a BUG duty gun and primary off-duty piece. Ammo will either be Gold Dots or HST and very possibly both so whatever you recommend needs to be available in those rounds. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. Go with 124gr +P in either design, its a toss up between the two. The Gold Dot has better "street cred" as it is the issued round by the NYPD, but I have yet to see or hear of an HST performing badly in gel testing or actual shootings.

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  3. paragon1


    Sep 18, 2009
    I would go with 147 gr. HST, or Ranger-T. Much less velocity loss in the 3" barrel. Usually stay above 900 fps which is well within the window for optimum performance of 147 gr.
  4. boomhower


    Feb 14, 2010
    North Carolina
    I've spent the lasts few hours reading and that's what I'm leaning towards. Between what you listed and lighter recoil than a +P lighter weight round it seems to be the best combo for my tiny gun.
  5. pochis


    Jul 28, 2008
    speer 124gr +p has a track record, the standard 147 fed hst looks great on youtube tnn videos and a track record in oregon, i stopped using ranger t due to reading and seeing on youtube failure to expand.... just my opininion.
  6. English


    Dec 24, 2005
  7. When I contacted Federal about an HST load for a 9mm 3" bug, I was told to select the 147gr load.
    That velocity loss would be lowest with it.

    I was also told the 124gr +p HST would work just fine.

    This is a response from Winchester to a member in another forum.

    In a response to a question about which grain 9mm Ranger ammo to use in a short barreled pistol including 3.5" and 3", I got the following response from Winchester LE Ammo: When we redesigned the Ranger T Series of ammunition we widened the velocity window under which the round would expand to allow for the slower velocities that shorter than standard barrels produce. What this means is that if you own a standard or sub compact pistol the round should have adequate expansion. In 9mm I would recommend the 147 grain bullet as it loses a lower velocity percentage than the faster lighter bullet in shorter than normal barrels. This is because the bullet has more dwell time in the bore and has a greater opportunity to burn the powder before the bullet exits the bore. Powder that is burned outside the bore does nothing for velocity. The lighter faster bullets generally have more powder to burn and since the lighter faster bullets have less time in the bore they are not efficient burners of powder in the shorter barrels.

    We increased the velocity window under which the round would expand by increasing the size of the hollowpoint, tweaking the jacket thickness and the depth of the cuts on the inside of the jacket petal segments.


    Paul Nowak Senior Technical Specialist Winchester Law Enforcement Ammunition

    Who's right and who's wrong. Dr Roberts advocates speed. Especially in short barrels.

    Personally I prefer speed, and may go to Underwood 124gr +p+ for all my 9mm's.
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  8. Shorter barrels generally do better with lighter bullets because there is less time spent in the barrel being pushed by rapidly expanding gases before the bullet exits. I would go with the Gold Dot 124gr +P or the Federal 124gr +P HST. Either one would be a good choice.. it pretty much boils down to which one you are able to get your hands on.
  9. robhic

    robhic WOLVERINE!!!! Platinum Member

    Jun 28, 2011
    From what I've seen and read, 9mm 124gr JHP +P seems to be a rather large favorite. This informed my decision to carry Remington Golden Saber 124 JHP +P as my standard load.

    I think Mas Ayoob's choice for 9mm was a 124/5 JHP +P but I could be mistaken. :shocked:
  10. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    Mar 14, 2005
    I like the heavy for caliber 147g standard pressure load. HST or Gold Dot cant go wrong.

    Speer does make a short barrel load that might be worth looking at, but I have not tested it. My shortest 9mm is a P239 so I have not tested a 3" 9mm.
  11. bobbss


    Nov 23, 2006
    What practice rounds is everyone having good luck with in their P938?
  12. boomhower


    Feb 14, 2010
    North Carolina
    For my first range session I went through 200 rounds of 115gr Federal from Walmart. No ammo related failures at all. Lots of reports that the P938 doesn't like WWB.
  13. Merkavaboy

    Merkavaboy Code-7A KUZ769

    Fed's 9BPLE 115JHP+P+ (what I carry) and its sister load Win 115+P+ have a proven record since the early 80's.

    Speer's 124GDHP+P has a great tract record with NYPD and other agencies along with Win's 127SXT+P.

    Fed's new HST is coming on strong in all service calibers (I have photos of 2 9mm 147HST's from 2 separate shootings that expanded picture-perfect and both BGs were DRT).

    If you want to go heavy use the modern designed bullets and stay away from the standard JHP's from Fed, Rem, Hornady and especially the Win "Personal Protection" USA load. Tunis bullet hasn't changed since it was first designed for the SEAL's suppressed subguns in the 80's. It's one of the worst performing 147's extant.
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  14. boomhower


    Feb 14, 2010
    North Carolina
    I'm going with 147gr HST's, non +P. I haven't ordered as I am debating or not on whether to get 147gr practice rounds. They are a good bit more expensive than 115gr rounds but I always like to practice with a similar load to what I carry. Decisions....
  15. Merkavaboy

    Merkavaboy Code-7A KUZ769

    Of the 147's I think the HST is a fine choice. If you do some searching you can find some good priced 147FMJ and even JHP for practice.
  16. SCmasterblaster

    SCmasterblaster Millennium Member

    Sep 24, 1999
    Hartford, Vermont
    I use Winchester's 9mm 115gr JHP +p+. It has chronoed at 1400 FPS out of my 3rd Gen G17. I trust it completely.