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    :rofl: :rofl:
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    Especially when their HOA tells them that they can't have those flags in their yard in the first place, so even if they want to tell everyone how patriotic they are, they can't.


  3. You support entities that try to make themselves all-in-one rule makers, enforcers, and interpreters, but somehow I'm the clueless one.
  4. I'm signing the contract as it reads. I'm not signing on to some anal entity that changes their whimsical rules to make that contract unrecognizable. Constitutions supersede such democracy. See how simple that is?
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    The Constitution regulates what government can and can not do, not what a private entity like an HOA can do. There are legal limits to an HOA's authority, but the COTUS has nothing to do with it.
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    I support PRIVATE entities of any sort that one can freely join if one agrees to the same rules as the other members. And yes you are clueless.

    Um, yeah??? nonsense.

    whut about mah FREEDOM!!???!!
  7. The Supreme Court ruled a long time ago that private entities that are quasi-governmental in nature are subject to constitutional limitations. The case, in fact, was regarding deed covenants that restricted people from sellings to blacks.
  8. UPDATE:

    One of my neighbors had a visitor. His car was YELLOW with flame stripes, and one of those ORANGE rear spoilers. I could just hear my property value collapsing. And he parked that car in the driveway, NOT in the overflow parking area or outside the community. I reviewed the rules and cannot find anything about colors or visitors cars, so I am going to the monthly meeting, and propose the we dictate earth tones as the ONLY acceptable color of cars.

    Do these animals intentionally harm my property values?
  9. I support private entities too, until they start deriving special powers from legislatures. Look at HOAs in Florida. That privilege subjects them to constitutional limitation.
  10. Also, I would like to get the opinion of the GT brain trust.

    I've noticed a a couple\few people living here have going to those thin, racing tires. Do those hurt property values? I'm thinking that we need a ban in our community.

    And speaking of tires. I'm thinking of a ban on tires that aren't Michelin. Does that make sense? A couple of my neighbors aren't using Michelin tires, and as we all know, a lot is riding on our tires. I think anything not Michelin should be banned. I'm thinking of bringing this up at the next meeting.
  11. Speaking of clueless, have you ever:

    1. Read the US Constitution?


    2. Purchased a home?


    3. Read every legal document, word for word, associated with that home purchase? (consulting a lawyer WITHOUT reading the documents does not count.)


    4. Read, word for word, the contract language of every document you've signed the past 10 years? (Again, consulting a lawyer without reading the documents does not count.)

    And yes, I have, and do, all of the above.
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    Jul 6, 2012
    You are grasping at straws.

    And if you are such a freedom lover, why do you support government restrictions on who you can choose to contract with?

    You support government power to require racial hiring quotas. Your reasoning leaves no other conclusion?

    Why do you hate freedom?

    EDIT: That decision was based on the slavery-banning 13th Amendment. It said that requiring land to be whites only was the same as enslaving blacks.
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  13. Oh man, if it was one of them Honda Preludes with the 2 exhausts, then I suggest packing NOW.
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    Jul 6, 2012
    Very wise. That way you don't enter into contracts that you don't want. But you would still deny others the liberty to enter into contracts that THEY want.

    That is a hypocritical position.
  15. Do you actually have an argument? Do you even know the case to which I am referring? Can you answer the questions in post 251?
  16. The case was regarding the 14th amendment, but I see you don't even know the case to which I am referring.

    Why do you choose to saddle average citizens with the quasi-governmental power of an HOA?
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    I have been either the buyer, seller, lender or realtor on over 1,000 residential real estate transactions. The US Constitution had a direct bearing on exactly ZERO of them and yes I have read it.

    How many home sales have you participated in?
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  18. No need. We have HOA block captain who will take care of it. He has a red, white, and blue outfit, and carries a shield made of very rare material. I think it's a rare metal called propertie valluinium. He protects our property values. He'll keep leaving messages, knocking on their door and demanding they do something, leave notes on their car, and in their mailbox. Luckily we have folks like that, or we would see our property value plummet.

    Thank goodness for HOA block captains, and those who protect our property values.

  19. Right, because constitutional issues anywhere have never affected any aspect of housing or HOAs. The document you said you read might as well have been a comic book.