I like this candidate.

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by Terminator2, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. “The government cannot pick and choose which of our constitutional rights it must uphold. That applies to the Second Amendment and our right to bear arms. It means what it says – and for good reason. Restricting gun rights, whether at the federal, state or local levels, results only in denying rights to law-abiding citizens while leaving criminals and those who would do us harm free to do what they do: Break the law..”
    From Gary Johnson Website

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  2. Sorry, but the folks around here that want to get Obama reelected by throwing away their votes, but don't want to admit they are voting for Obama, have already said they are sticking with Ron Paul.

  3. Pretty sure I'll be voting for him.

    For some reason, nobody wants to talk about him around here.
  4. if mittens is such a sure thing...why are you worried?:dunno:
  5. as i said before, i'll vote paul if he gets the ticket or runs third party. if not, gary gets my vote. tons of barry supporters would do the same thing if given the choice of mittens. then toss in all those folks left behind by the rnc bridge burnings.... well, then third party wins.
  6. agreed



  7. Where did I say I ws worried?

    the paulbot's delusions of granduer don't worry me at all.

  8. them why cry about paul? why worry about who his supporters are going to vote for? mittens got it in the bag right? sure win, can't lose? but please, please keep burning those bridges.:wavey:
  9. the funny thing is that in the fight to destroy the tea party by the dnc and paul by the rnc... seems they forgot to cover the flanks of the house and local elections.

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