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I just shot a Unicorn!

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by vafish, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Well almost, it's not white.


    here's the story:

    Got up this morning at 0500, it was raining when I went to bed so I wasn't real enthused about hunting. But I stepped outside and the weather was cool and clear, the ground was dry. So I grabbed the crossbow and my pack, jumped in the jeep and headed over to a little suburban oasis I hunt on.

    About 1/2 way there I realized I had forgot to put the Hitch haul on the back of the jeep. I thought about turning around to go back and get it, but I figured that would put me in the woods too late.

    Got to the property, got up in the stand and was all settled about 1/2 hour before sunrise. Then the waiting began. I've been hunting this property for the last 4 years, only one time have I not seen a deer on it. Well the house past and at about 8:30 I was thinking about giving up and going home. But for some reason I decided to pull out my GPS and play with the Hunt/Fish predictions. 0255-0455 was supposed to have been excellent hunting, then excellent again later that evening when I couldn't be hunting. But what's this, "Good" hunting from 8:30-10:30. I looked at my watch again and figured what the heck I'll sit a while longer.

    After another half hour of only seeing 1 squirrel and feeling the urge to take a biological break I looked around once more, and "What the Heck?" there was a doe standing in some shadows about 25-30 yards away. She was in some thick brush, I stayed as motionless as possible. She took a step forward into a patch of sunshine and I realized "She" was a He. I could only see the one antler curving up along the ear.

    My hunting partner and the landowner had seen a couple of mutant bucks with a nice 3 or 4 point rack on one side and a big ugly spike on the other. I figured this was just one of those mutant deer. With the sun to my back and his head in the patch of sunlight I didn't think he could see me so I slowly shifted around and raised my crossbow. He was still behind some brush so I waited for a couple more steps forward. When he took the steps I moved the cross hairs right behind his shoulder and squeezed the trigger. I heard the crack of the bow, and the rattling of the bolt through the brush. But no Thump from a hit.

    The buck trotted forward seeming un-hit, then made a left turn, jumped a 8' creek (that I later got my feet wet trying to jump), ran about 10 yards, made another left turn and started to head back the way he came. I was cursing myself wondering how I could have missed the shot. Then he stopped and stood still. I was contemplating trying to cock the bow and take another long shot at him when he started to wobble then fell over. Guess I didn't miss after all!

    I waited about 10 mins, tried calling a couple hunting buddies to let them know. Didn't get an answer so I sent them a text message. Then I climbed down out of the tree and went to look at him.

    Near as I can tell he was hit by a car early this year. Had some cuts on his legs that were mostly healed over.


    And when I skinned him out the right hind quarter looked like hamburger. It was pretty gross and blood shot. I'll spare you the pics. So I tossed that quarter in the dumpster.
  2. Looks like you have some eaten todo ;)

    Is x-bow this early in the season for you guys?

  3. As of a couple of years ago Crossbows were allowed in regular archery season in VA.

    I'm hunting in Northern VA suburbs of DC. Our Urban Archery season begins 1st week of September and runs through the end of March. But it is Does only.

    Regular Archery Season (and crossbow) started last weekend. So yes it is this early.