I just got an amazing deal on a true classic! :):)

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by bac1023, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Beautiful as always Bac. With all the "black" semis these days, I love seeing blued pistols and revolvers. They bring me back. Thanks for sharing. And great photos as always!

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  2. Thank you sir :)

    I'll post some better pics today. I had lousy lighting yesterday.

  3. Thank Neoh. Much appreciated :wavey:
  4. Congrats Bac. Model 39 sure is a classic.
  5. Bac apparently S&W didnt have a good set of records from 1954-1970. 1954 starts with 1001 and in 1970 the last serial is 115000. This is from the standard catalog of smith and wesson. Sorry I couldn't date it exactly. Very nice shooter you have.

    I do have one question though, do you have to update the PA National Guard every time you move so they know the location of their new armory?
  6. Bruce M

    Another great find! Very nice looking.
  7. Thanks

    I appreciate the effort. :cool:
  8. Bac...you would know this one: Wasn't there a S&W semi target pistol that shot .38 wad cutters of all things back in the day?.....or am I making tha up?
  9. Nope. It existed for bullseye shooting. Never got my hands on one IIRC it was the "52". I am probably wrong on the number, it's been years since I hear them mentioned
  10. Yes, the 52. I'm mobile right now, but I'll post some pics later tonight.

    I think the 52 may have been the finest auto S&W ever built. It's just not practical for anything other than target practice and bullseye competition.
  11. You have the right number.

    I'll post some pics later. I've got one. :supergrin:
  12. Well, shoot. So much for me having SOMETHING Bac didn't have (Kicks can). Just my luck. :crying:

    Congratulations Bac. That one is a beauty. :supergrin:
  13. :rofl:

    Thanks, my friend :)

  14. Here's my 52 guys. Its also in beautiful condition.

    It was basically S&W's top of the line target pistol from back in the day and its also based on the 39. I actually think its the finest auto they ever built. I like it better than the modern Performance Center models. Its just not practical. All it shoots are 38 Special wadcutters. There's not much use for it outside bullseye competition, but the trigger is amazing.



    My favorite Smith auto is the 952 target pistol, which is based on the 52, but chambered in 9mm. Smith's Performance Center built it starting in 2003 and they just discontinued it last year. They were just getting too expensive for Smith to build and make a profit on. MSRP was well over $2000 as it was.

    Not only is it my favorite Smith auto, but its my second favorite 9mm of all time, right behind the Browning Hi Power. Also, like the Hi Power, I think its one of the most beautiful autos ever built. Accuracy is as good as any handgun I own. :cool:


  15. Thanks Bruce :wavey:
  16. DesertEagle

    DesertEagle OH HELL MY HEAD

    Very nice. My Smith 39 was a gift to me from my father on my 21st. It had been bought for him by a coworker in 68 or 69 if I remember correctly. They had worked on a project together and after they presented the findings to congress and were done with the "team" the head researcher picked it up for him. He was never really a gun guy, so it mostly just sat in the closet forever. He said about the only time he ever had it loaded was when he'd shoot a couple rounds into the ground for 4th of july in leiu of firecrackers.

    Still one of my favorites, although I rarely shoot it these days. Back then it was one of a 3 gun collection, as I was just starting. Now I have... a few more... ;)
  17. Cool story :cool:
  18. thanks Brac. I'm not surprised you have one.:cool:

    I'll never understand how they fed a rimmed cartridge. I know the Desert Eagles later went on to do it successfully. It still impresses me though.

    Anyway- beautiful pistols Brac. Thanks for posting the pic.
  19. What a fantastic looking and great price S&W you found! I would have had smoke coming out of my back pocket from pulling my wallet out so fast on one like that:supergrin:. Congrats!!

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